While few people feel comfortable using the word “upside” to reference the pandemic (and understandably so), veterinary practices nonetheless currently have something acquired for free where other businesses often pay a lot of money for the same.

In any business, customer email lists are considered gold. Rather than spending time, trouble, and money to gather sales leads, many marketers often buy email lists from other businesses to grow sales.

Veterinary practices effectively acquired the same gold during the pandemic but did so for free.

Rather than having to spend time, trouble, and money to attract appointments, practices saw pet owners simply show up in large numbers, and not all pet owners were existing clients. Due to the pandemic pet adoption boom, many were first-time clients, and the influx has certainly been exhausting for veterinary teams. As DVM and veterinary influencer Jessica Vogelsang recently wrote on LinkedIn, “Weary. That’s the word I think of when I’m trying to describe the state of the profession.” Yet the influx is ultimately a good thing for practices for two main reasons:

  1. One day, the pandemic will be over.
  2. As businesses work to rebuild sales after the pandemic, practices will have larger customer lists than they did going into the pandemic. So, they’ll already be primed for growth.

A key part of realizing the latter comes down to how effectively practices collect and manage information going forward to optimize appointments and practice revenue.

The ALLYDVM Communication + Retention System helps practices manage their “gold” more effectively.

ALLYDVM’s client communication and retention software empowers practices to improve client communications, increase engagement, and generate additional revenue with little additional effort or marketing spend.

ALLYDVM Syncs with Practice Management Software

ALLYDVM’s proprietary practice management software sync solution lets your team tailor communications based on data from your practice management software to ensure your practice reaches the right people with the right information at the right time. ALLYDVM’s industry-leading retention calendar automatically identifies missed contact or medical information, reminder and appointment opportunities, and prompts your team to book past-due appointments, which increases practice revenue.

ALLYDVM Time Savings

To save practices time and improve efficiency, ALLYDVM includes mass communication templates to make communications faster and easier.

Meet Pet Owners Where They Consume Information

Empowering pet owners to be more involved in the health of their pets, ALLYDVM includes a convenient practice-branded, client-facing mobile app that enables pet owners to access their pets’ medical records as they exist in veterinary record systems, as well as interact with their veterinarians. With this direct line of communication, you can stay up to date and in touch with your clients.

Track Generated Revenue

Measure the effectiveness of ALLYDVM as you go with the Generated Revenue reporting and built-in analytics.

The above reasons and more are why practices like Tansley Woods Veterinary Hospital use ALLYDVM to effectively manage client communications and improve revenue, and why they switched from other communication systems.

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