Considering a new veterinary website to serve more clients online, attract more pet owners, and improve practice efficiency? If you’re a veterinary practice in Canada, you may be eligible for up to $5000 in grant money from the Canadian government to help with the cost of website creation or enhancements to better serve clients and/or pivot business operations as a direct response to COVID-19. And depending on who you choose to create or upgrade your website, a grant could amount to unprecedented savings for your practice.

Just to be clear, the Canadian government is offering a grant, not a loan, line of credit, or similar repayable product.

It’s all part of the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund (CUSBRF), created to support local businesses in communities across Canada. With over $14 million contributed by the federal government, the CUSBRF is making grants of up to $5K to eligible businesses to offset costs incurred due to COVID-19 and help them upgrade their websites to support online business.

Who’s eligible to apply for a CUSBRF grant?

All businesses operating either as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or incorporated businesses as of March 1, 2020 (including for-profit and not-for-profit businesses) are eligible to apply for a CUSBRF grant, even if a business is currently receiving other pandemic-related relief funding and those funds have not been used.

Additional eligibility requirements:

  • Applicant businesses must have no more than 75 employees.
  • Applicant businesses must have minimum annual sales of $150,000 but no more than $3 million.
  • Applicant businesses must be in operation after Sept. 1, 2020.

For the complete list of CUSBRF eligibility requirements and exclusions, click here.

Website costs that the CUSBRF covers

The CUSBRF supports “developing or upgrading a website to better serve customers and pivot business operations as a direct response to COVID-19.” To that end, expenses can include:

  • Creating or designing a website
  • Hiring external staff to write website content
  • Webinar software to allow continued engagement with customers

For the complete list of website costs covered by the CUSBRF, click here.

Once you’ve determined your grant eligibility, the next step is to contact us to learn how easy it is to get started with a custom WebDVM Plus or Pro veterinary website.

You may save thousands

Here is how you may save thousands of dollars with WebDVM, based on your practice taking advantage of our current offer of 80% off setup fees (expiring Dec. 31st, 2020) and presuming a $5K grant by the CUSBRF for your practice:

Scenario #1 – WebDVM Plus

  • $240 setup fee
  • $3,588 WebDVM Plus subscription fee for 1 year

Total cost for year 1: $3,828

Actual cost to your practice for year 1: $0

Scenario #2 – WebDVM Pro

  • $300 setup fee
  • $11,988 WebDVM Pro subscription fee for 1 year

Total cost for year 1: $12,288

Actual cost to your practice for year 1: $7,288

About WebDVM

With a suite of industry leading pet health content and online self-serve resources for clients, WebDVM positions your practice website as the go-to source of trusted information for pet owners, which strengthens client engagement, improves pet owner compliance, and saves valuable time by empowering pet owners to find information quickly and take the desired action easily.

Why practices use and trust WebDVM

Julia McPeek of Harmony Veterinary Center shares how, after some “rough experiences” working with other web designers, her practice began working with WebDVM to bring their website vision to life, and how their custom WebDVM website generates 50% of new business.

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Please note: The CUSBRF grant is not affiliated with LifeLearn, and LifeLearn will not be responsible for determining individual practice eligibility or assisting in the grant application process. We do not guarantee grant approval, and any denial of grant funding will not result in a WebDVM refund from LifeLearn.