In a recent live talk at Web Summit, the world’s largest tech event, Moz CEO Sarah Bird gave a humorous but poignant analogy of why SEO is now so important for businesses of all types to attract more website traffic and clients.

Comparing traffic from paid digital ads to website SEO, Bird said, “I like to think of paid advertising as a hamster wheel. It’s easy to get that thing going and it’s fun to do.” Yet once that hamster stops, Bird points out, “The wheel stops.” In comparison, Bird says SEO is “like a flywheel.” Once you get it going, “it becomes more self-perpetuating” and generates “multi-generational value.”

Bird bases her analogy on hard research. According to clickstream data:

  • 62% of online clicks go to SEO in all SEO-influenced categories versus 3% of clicks for paid ads.
  • SEO dominates mobile, with 40.9% of clicks going to SEO versus 2% for paid ads.
  • Overall, SEO drives 20 TIMES more traffic than paid ads.

Additionally, SEO costs you $0.00 per click versus paying for clicks with paid ads.

As we recently outlined in our blog “Why SEO Offers Better Returns for Practices Than Paid Ads,” you become an advertiser when you run a paid digital advertising campaign, and pay a fee whenever someone clicks through to your website from your ad. Additionally, click costs can rise as competitors begin advertising. So, you may wind up paying more over time to drive website traffic. Organic clicks from search engines to your website from SEO don’t cost you a penny. If you get SEO right, you get free website traffic.

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