How do you more easily get things done when you may be run off your feet simply trying to keep up with changing practice protocols in the new normal?

If you’re familiar with the saying “When you want something done, ask a busy person,” your first reaction may be, “That sounds ridiculous. I already feel like a juggler with everything I have to do just to keep the balls in the air. How can I possibly get more done when there’s barely enough time to manage day-to-day business?”

The question frames the big challenge faced by practices in the new veterinary landscape. With more practices spending more time just to manage basic operations (or accomplish less), practices have come to realize something. To adapt and thrive in the new normal, where “business as usual” no longer works, practices must seek solutions to save time and improve efficiency. So, you may be wondering how busy people do manage to get things done, even in challenging times.


The Secret

The secret is that these people:

  • Use good systems to help do the juggling for them
  • Make the most of these systems to save time and improve operational efficiency

In veterinary medicine, the client education resource ClientEd by LifeLearn Animal Health is one of those “good systems.”

Here’s why.

Takeaway client education information for pet owners helps improve compliance. Yet without a centralized source of trusted pet health information to easily supply takeaway information, practice teams must spend time hunting around for information, which costs time and labor and reduces practice efficiency.

ClientEd saves practices time and improves efficiency as a unique client education resource library that contains more than 2,100 illustrated pet health handouts that are easily understood by pet owners. Available in hard copy and digital forms, each handout is written and reviewed by animal health experts and designed specifically for effective client education.

ClientEd can easily integrate with practice websites (including WebDVM) and many of the popular practice management systems to make providing information to clients fast and easy. Whether you attach a handout to a newsletter, link to one in a social post, or email one with a personal note directly from the online library, ClientEd improves client compliance and animal health outcomes, and streamlines efficiency.


The ClientEd Difference

A wealth of drug handouts set ClientEd apart from competing client education resources.

To help California veterinary practices easily comply with Lizzie’s Law, ClientEd includes over 230 ready-to-use pet medication handouts for clients that cover the consultation requirements now required by California law. Of ClientEd’s 230-plus pet medication handouts, 50 new pet medication handouts have been added over the past year, and 152 have been updated to provide the information required by Lizzie’s Law. And LifeLearn continues to add and update medication handouts to the ClientEd library on a regular basis.

To realize the full scope of ClientEd as a key tool to save time and improve efficiency, look beyond ClientEd as a library of convenient client handouts.

  • If your puppy/kitten information packages need updating, use a branded ClientEd handout on relevant puppy/kitten care topics so you don’t have to create content from scratch.
  • If you’re challenged to consistently think of new social posts for your practice, grab an interesting fact from a ClientEd handout and add “Did you know…?” to the front of it.
  • If your team needs a subject refresher and you don’t have time to prepare material for a lunch and learn, provide everyone with a ClientEd handout, which opens the door to discussion about how a topic might be best presented to clients to gain better compliance through education.

In the end, ClientEd is more than just a trusted, expert-written pet health library. ClientEd is a repository of possibilities for educating clients, stimulating team discussions, and marketing your practice more effectively.

See for yourself.

Download our free kit of tools and resources to help practices adapt to the new normal, and get a selection of timely and relevant ClientEd handouts, including:

  • Preventing Separation Anxiety and Stress During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Tips for Dog Walkers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Caring for Pets if You Have COVID-19

If you like what you see, discover more of what ClientEd has to offer.

Try ClientEd free for 30 days—no catch, no commitment.

We’re confident you’ll quickly see why practices use and trust ClientEd to increase compliance and improve efficiency, and why ClientEd helps practices accomplish more in less time.


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