Today’s pet owners want pet health information they can trust and easily digest. When pet service businesses provide such information, they not only strengthen customer trust and loyalty to encourage repeat appointments and improved profitability, but they also gain a competitive edge in a market occupied by thousands of competing services.

To gain and keep that edge, pet service businesses now have the option of integrating Gingr Pet Parent Education Powered by LifeLearn into Gingr, the leading online appointment and customer management system for pet service businesses.

As a custom offering created for pet service businesses from LifeLearn’s online client education library, ClientEd, Gingr Pet Parent Education is a powerful library of over 1,600 articles relating to pet parent education that offer five unique benefits:

1. Articles Written in Plain Language

When ClientEd germinated in 1995, LifeLearn co-founder Dr. Charles Povey realized that simple language and overall ease of readability in pet parent education articles were huge factor in pet owners understanding information and getting practical value from it. So, ClientEd articles were uniquely created from a pet-owner perspective, written in a comprehensive and simplistic manner to help improve compliance and patient outcomes. Today, plain language remains foundational to ClientEd’s ever-growing library of pet health articles and, by default, all articles in Gingr Pet Parent Education.

2. Expert Content to Improve Customer Trust

Pet parents know two things:

  • They want easy access to trusted pet health information from animal health experts.
  • They know the internet is filled with vast amounts of pet information that isn’t written by experts, may not be accurate, and could result in negative, unintended consequences for pets.

As a subset of ClientEd, which has been trusted by veterinarians to serve the needs of pet owners across North America since 1995, all articles in Gingr Pet Parent Education are written and reviewed by animal health experts, and their trust is proven. When pet owners know that your pet service website is the place where they can find trusted pet health information on an extensive range of subjects, you encourage repeat visits. That keeps your pet business foremost in the minds of pet owners to encourage repeat appointments and improved profitability.

3. Done-for-You Content

Writing and researching any kind of pet health article to attract more pet owners to your website takes time, and there are only so many hours in a week, which present two not-so-great options:

  • You can take time during your normal business hours to create pet health articles and take time away from managing and growing your business.
  • You can spend extra hours during evenings and weekends to write pet health articles and take away from your work-life balance.

With Gingr Pet Parent Education, you have over 1,600 articles already done for you. And with a minimum of two new articles added monthly, Gingr Pet Parent Education is always growing. So, you provide pet owners with ongoing pet health articles without taking your focus away from your pet business and work-life balance to stay on top of it all.

4. Content That Distinguishes Your Pet Business

Purchasing pet health articles from a content curation service can seem like a bargain, but there can be hidden costs that negatively impact how people view your business.

  • Firstly, content curation services do not necessarily create new content. Rather, they amass content from different sources. This simply means that the curated content you share is also being shared by other businesses, and this does not distinguish your brand. Neither does it compel people to visit your pet business website when pet owners see they can get the same information from your competitors.
  • Secondly, you can’t be certain that curated content was written by someone with specific experience and training in animal health. This means you run the risk of damaging your pet business reputation by offering unvetted pet information to current and potential customers.

With Gingr Pet Parent Education accessible to pet owners as part of Gingr on your website, you distinguish your pet business with original, trusted pet health articles that are not available through content curation services. And the LifeLearn name guarantees you’re getting articles from an award-winning company with 25 years in animal health expertise.

5. Convenient Search Functionality

Gingr Pet Parent Education is fully searchable. So pet owners can quickly and conveniently find what they need, and this convenience adds another layer of attraction to encourage repeat visits to your pet business website.

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