Pet Parent Education Powered by LifeLearn

Simplify Your Business Growth

Today’s pet service customers want more than a quick and convenient way to book appointments online, make payments and more through mobile-optimized apps like Gingr, the leading online appointment and customer management system for pet service businesses. They want pet health information they can trust. When pet service businesses provide such information, they not only strengthen customer trust and loyalty to encourage repeat appointments and improved profitability. They gain a competitive edge in a market occupied by thousands of competing services.

That’s why pet service businesses have the option of integrating a powerful library of trusted pet health information into Gingr’s software system: Gingr Pet Parent Education Powered by LifeLearn.

Attract More Customers with Trusted Pet Health Information

Gingr Pet Parent Education Powered by LifeLearn is a custom offering created for pet service businesses from LifeLearn’s online client-education library, ClientEd. With over 2,000 pet health articles written, edited and reviewed by animal health experts to facilitate effective client education in practices, ClientEd has been trusted by veterinarians to serve the needs and questions of pet owners across North America since ClientEd’s inception.

Feedback from practices shows the continued high demand by pet owners for ClientEd pet health articles.

Powered by LifeLearn’s 25 years of experience providing pet health education, Gingr Pet Parent Education (GPPE) provides access to over 1,590 pet parent education articles in ClientEd that serve pet service businesses and the questions/needs of their clients, and with two new articles added monthly, the GPPE library is always growing.

Get the Gingr Advantage

Gingr simplifies and supports the growth of pet services by streamlining and centralizing reservation management, point-of-sale transactions, employee scheduling, marketing and much more.


Millions Trust in Gingr

Since its introduction in 2013, Gingr now has over 2-million users and has served nearly 3-million pet parents with a wealth of features that multitask for you to make running your business easier, including:

  • calendar icon Appointment Management

    No-Stress Appointment Management

    Gingr’s client portal allows customers to schedule their own appointments. This puts appointment management in the hands of pet owners and takes it off your plate. To better ensure clients keep their appointments, Gingr offers automated email and SMS reminders and accepts pre-payments to further reduce no-shows.

  • More Payment Options

    More Ways for Clients to Pay You

    Gingr’s point-of-sale functionality helps to maximize business opportunities by allowing you to receive payments from clients in almost any form, including credit card payments and client bar code assignments.

  • checkmark icon Employee Management

    Employee Management Simplified

    Easily keep your business on target with team calendars, daily checklists and other tools so all your team members can easily understand and complete their tasks. To further increase organization, Gingr creates customer and pet profiles with practical information, images, vaccination details, incident report cards, reservations and booking history.

  • marketing icon Stronger Marketing

    Stronger Marketing Made Easier

    Customer data filtering and design-ready email templates enable you to easily schedule, personalize and send email and SMS campaigns in minutes for more consistent, timely and targeted marketing.

Getting Started Is Easy

Gingr is intuitive and user-friendly, requiring little training for most users, and enjoys the highest marks in data security. Best of all, you don’t have to commit to anything to see the benefits of Gingr for yourself. Visit for your free demo

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