If you’re not familiar with the six key components of your WebDVM website to attract more clients and improve clinic profitability, we understand. You’re focused on patient healthcare, meaning your time is at a premium.
To serve that, here is a quick summary of six powerful WebDVM elements that you may not know about, and what they can do for your practice today.

Get More Appointments With Pet Health Checker on Your Home Page

As a reliable tool built right into your WebDVM website to help pet owners understand the severity of their pet’s symptoms and the urgency of visiting your clinic, Pet Health Checker’s updated features now include:

  • Easier navigation for pet owners
  • More pet health information through a direct link to LifeLearn’s ClientED library
  • Customizable colors to better match your website design
  • Your practice’s emergency contact information, made available to pet owners after they complete Pet Health Checker

To further optimize Pet Health Checker for your practice, you now have the choice of moving this key engagement tool to your home page for greater visibility!

Experience Better Google Rankings With SEO+

Navigating the murky waters of SEO to improve your clinic’s online presence can be a time-consuming challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With SEO+, you receive a simple monthly search engine report that tracks your website’s key performance indicators and zeroes in on things that could be affecting your ranking. And here’s where the time-saving features of SEO+ come in to help animal healthcare professionals like you keep your focus on patients.
LifeLearn fixes the issues for you. After reviewing your SEO+ report with you, LifeLearn’s veterinary SEO experts implement solutions to optimize your website’s discovery by search engines.

Save More Animals and Boost Your Brand Reputation With Get Your Pet!

Every year, approximately 6.5-million companion animals in the U.S. land in shelters. Of those animals, roughly 1.5 million never find a new home, and are euthanized because of overpopulation and underfunding.
As an animal healthcare professional, you’ve likely had a moment when you’ve said to yourself, “There has to be a better way,” and we think so too. That’s why LifeLearn partnered with Get Your Pet, an online community of pet lovers that connects potential pet parents with people looking to safely and humanely rehome their pets. Facilitating the whole process with seamless animal guardianship, Get Your Pet helps animals move from one loving home to another.
When you add a Get Your Pet link to your clinic’s WebDVM website, you not only help save more animals from shelters by providing pet owners with the information and means to find a new home for their pets. You strengthen client engagement and brand reputation through clear, visible and accessible alignment with holistic animal healthcare.
(Note: Get Your Pet is currently only available to U.S. WebDVM customers.)

Increase Practice ROI With New Website Design Options

A good veterinary website should incorporate features that attract new clients and keep current clients engaged to increase practice ROI. To help your veterinary clinic meet those goals, LifeLearn now has all-new, innovative design options and features for your WebDVM website, including:

  • Modern website designs that instantly convey trust and credibility to attract and win new clients
  • Visually captivating SEO website images to improve discovery on Google and hold pet owner attention to improve conversions
  • Fully customizable slideshow image-gallery features, including the ability to display and play videos from an external site like YouTube
  • Customized page menus and other streamlined designs that save clients time by making website navigation quicker and easier
  • Your social-media feeds placed right on your website to further boost engagement

PLUS, with the integration of ClientEd, one of the veterinary industry’s largest and most trusted libraries of pet health articles, better compliance through client education is at your fingertips.

Get the News Fast About Product and Pet Food Recalls

When pet food and product manufacturers issue recalls, knowing about those recalls as soon as possible is important to minimize the impact on pets. By connecting your WebDVM website to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s product and pet food safety recalls, your practice and your clients have instant access to the latest recalls, all updated automatically on your WebDVM website to help keep pets safer.

Attract More Clients With Health Smart Financial Services

Oftentimes, client compliance and optimal pet outcomes come down to money, which can be a difficult discussion for many pet owners on a budget. Like you, they want the best for their pets. Yet they often can’t afford to follow through with clinic recommendations. Even though they may feel too embarrassed to admit it, many pet owners need some financial help to give their pets what they need. In fact, without such help, some clients can’t continue as clients.
That’s why LifeLearn recently partnered with Health Smart Financial Services, to break down the pet healthcare cost barrier. Through affordable pet healthcare financing offered to pet owners as part of your LifeLearn WebDVM website, you help make pet care accessible to more pet owners, which attracts more clients and improves outcomes for more pets.
All of the above website features are easily implemented on your WebDVM website today to help your clinic attract more clients and improve ROI.

If even one of the above features sounds like the right fit for your clinic, contact us today and we can help make it happen for you.

Here’s to the pets we love and are proud to serve.