Staying in touch with pet owners can seem like a time-consuming burden on your veterinary practice. Whether you’re manually writing individual email communications, or relying on easily misplaced paper appointment reminders—the investment often outweighs the return.

Here at LifeLearn, we knew there had to be a better way. Thanks to our recent partnership with ALLYDVM, our veterinary practice ECOsystem gained the capacity to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of day-to-day client communications.

With the animal health industry’s leading communication and reminder platform, we’re poised to become your practice’s greatest ally for boosting client retention and ensuring a superior pet care experience.
Here are some of the powerful features that will save your practice heaps of time—all in one solution:

Standard communications—streamlined through automation

To kick things off, the bundled LifeLearn ECOsystem and ALLYDVM communications platform will provide your practice with a generic list of standard client communications such as appointment reminders, birthdays, follow-ups, and more.

To boost your engagement with pet owners, you’ll want to spruce things up to fit your practice messaging with a bit of customization. Once you’ve established a few key message-types, you can set them up as templates that can be sent out automatically based on particular triggers like “upcoming appointment” or “welcome to our practice.” Simply set them up once, and leave the rest to us!

What kind of automated communications are included?

One of the things that makes this system so robust is its ability to maximize client compliance through mix-and-match messaging. For example, you can send a courtesy text to inform a pet owner when a surgery is completed, and pair it with a follow-up email outlining any post-operation instructions. After all, it can be overwhelming for a client to retain all that information in the exam room.

ALLYDVM’s client communications system offers unlimited, customizable, and fully automated text messages, emails, and postcards—so you can rest assured knowing all your bases are covered.

Still want to keep your favorite messages from your current communications system?

No problem—the transition to ALLYDVM is designed to be painless for your practice, and will seamlessly retain all your previous messages.

What makes ALLYDVM different from other communications systems?

The trouble with generic templates is they tend to leave room for error, and miscommunication. For example, sending identical reminders prior to every procedure may save time in the short term, but exclude specific fasting instructions and drop-off times. Alternatively, ALLYDVM’s reminders are completely customizable to suit your needs. You can even attach images, forms, and other important documents. Plus, you’ll get access to a library of pet-related images—so you’ll never have to waste time searching for the perfect photo.

Client satisfaction surveys

Another great way to keep tabs on your communication with pet owners is by sending out automated client satisfaction surveys. With ALLYDVM, you can set up a feedback email that will only deliver to clients who successfully checked out from their non-euthanasia appointments.

Based on the results of this survey, you can identify positive case studies who may help spread the word about your practice. If their experience was negative, you’ve at least reached out to offer them a place to air their complaints, making them less likely to leave a negative review online.

Mailing list

Veterinary mailing lists can be complicated, particularly if you serve a wide range of pets at your clinic. The ALLYDVM advanced filtering system makes it simple to send specific communications to only relevant clients. The best part? The filtering parameters will be configured before you even access the system, so all you’ll have to do is make a few tweaks.

Eager to learn more about what ALLYDVM’s Client Communications System can do to save time at your practice? Visit our website, call one of our Practice Specialists, or book your free demo today to learn more!