Have you told your clients lately how much you appreciate them? Thanking your loyal pet owners is a great way to build a sense of community and make your clients feel truly special.
If you haven’t thanked your clients already, it’s the perfect time to do so. After all, they don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing. Need some ideas? Here are five great ways to show your appreciation:

1. Send out thank you cards.

Cliché? A little, but it works. Plus, it doesn’t require too much effort to make them look great! There are plenty of options for pre-designed templates or even pre-made cards that you can choose from – or if you or someone on your team likes to get creative, you could try making your own. For example, services like Canva let you design thank you card templates that you can customize with images of clients and patients for a personal touch, and you can print and mail them or save the images and email them out as e-cards. Just be careful not to include images that you don’t have permission to use!

2. Send out a note on social media.

Social media is a wonderful tool for getting the message across quickly, so it’s a perfect way to thank your audience at large. The only trouble is that it can end up sounding generalized. Be sure to adjust your wording so that while it is a broadcast, it sounds relatable for your clients and followers. For example, you could try thanking your community and all of its furry friends for helping make your practice what it is, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and New Year.
Bonus: Unlike mailed or emailed cards, social media posts have the chance to get picked up by your followers and reach a larger audience.

3. Have presents at the ready.

This is a great way to show your clients that you appreciate them – and after all, ‘tis the season! If you have a big family or a big circle of friends, though, you understand just how pricy it can get to buy gifts for everyone. Keep in mind that gifts to thank your clients don’t have to be big – they just need to convey the right sentiment.
So what could you do? Set up a basket in your reception area, fill it with little baggies of treats with decorative ribbons, and put a note on the basket encouraging your clients to take one.

4. Surprise your clients with discounts.

Isn’t it nice when you look at a receipt and realize you paid less than you expected to? It sure makes you want to go back and shop there again, doesn’t it? It’s the perfect time of year to treat your clients to the same feeling, and although it doesn’t need to be a big discount, it can make a big impact on your client retention. It shows your clients that you care more about the relationship than the money – which makes them want to come back because they know they’ll be treated well.
The trick here is to make sure that it’s a surprise – don’t advertise the discount. This way, you’ll be helping people who come in to your clinic anyway and will be easier to convert into regulars, and you won’t be pulling in a bunch of one-time customers who are just there for the price.

5. Host an open house.

Who doesn’t love a holiday party? Hosting an open house in the spirit of the season helps foster a sense of community and builds relationships with your clients on a personal level rather than a professional level.
Invite your clients in for an afternoon or an evening of fun, complete with treats, pet photos with Santa, and warm beverages. If your clinic is part of a plaza, you could even combine with your neighbors to hold a block party.
These are just a few ways to show your clients how much you appreciate them. A small gesture can work wonders for building relationships and inspiring loyalty!

Have your own ways to thank pet owners for the holidays? Share them in the comments below!

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