Are you using your ClientEd Online to your full advantage? Maybe you’ve been meaning to do more with our comprehensive pet health library but aren’t sure how. Here are some great ways to get the most out of ClientEd Online, for the benefit of both you and your patients!

Just to clarify, what is ClientEd Online?

The first step to fully taking advantage of ClientEd Online is understanding exactly what you get with this awesome product:

  • An online pet health library featuring over 1,800 pet health articles, and a massive dog breed library
  • Accurate, relevant educational articles written by veterinary health experts
  • Editing capabilities to change information and add your practice logo
  • Direct integration with your website, so clients can look up pet health information at any time
  • Integration with most practice management software (AVImark, Cornerstone, Impromed Infinity, DVMManager and Alisvet) to help improve your workflow and record-keeping of client education efforts.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of ClientEd Online, let’s talk about getting the most out of this awesome tool.

Don’t have ClientEd Online yet? Improve patient outcomes, increase compliance, and save time with this comprehensive tool.

Simple tips for getting the most out of ClientEd Online

1. Edit articles as necessary

Every pet is a unique case, which means not every relevant ClientEd Online article will match exactly with the individual patient. But that doesn’t mean you have to scrap the article completely. With full editing capabilities, you can go in and change the information to match the specific animal’s needs. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it ensures that the information you’re providing to the client fully matches their pet’s individual case.

2. Take full advantage of the branding features

Every educational article you hand out can be branded specifically to your practice. All you have to do is upload your clinic information and logo. This lends to the trustworthiness of the handouts – now your clients can tell that they came directly from you and aren’t just printed off from a random website on Google. Additionally, it keeps your clinic top of mind, so they’ll be ready to bring their pets back to your practice when the time is right.

3. Let your clients know that ClientEd Online is available on your website

You’ll find that the pet health library on your website is used more if your clients are actually aware that it exists. Whether patients are coming in for specific symptoms or just a regular checkup, make sure to inform clients when you see them that they can learn more about their pet’s health on your website. A great tool to introduce to clients is the Pet Health Checker, which allows them to input their pet’s symptoms and determine the level of urgency. The tool does not diagnose or treat symptoms – it simply indicates how quickly the client should seek care and directs them to your clinic every time, helping to ensure that pets receive medical attention in a timely fashion. It’s a great tool that clients are likely to take advantage of.

4. Share links to ClientEd articles through your social media

Want to save some time on social media? ClientEd articles are a great way to educate your clients quickly and easily. Are your clients asking you questions on social media? Send them a link to a ClientEd article from your website. You can also make educational posts with a short blurb on Twitter or a fun fact on Facebook, and then link back to the corresponding ClientEd article. It’s simple, educational, and drives more traffic from social media directly to your website.ClientEd Online is an excellent tool, full of trustworthy and educational information. It can offer great benefits for your clients, your patients, and even your practice. And the more you use it, the greater the rewards! So put these tips to the test, and make ClientEd Online a go-to for your staff and your clients.

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