Boy reaching out to a kittenThe banner image on your website is one of the first things that visitors will see. Whether you just have a static image or a full slideshow, this visual display is sure to catch attention and help pet owners form an immediate first impression of your practice.
Many banner images feature stock photo images and template text. While there’s nothing wrong with this, a little personalization can go a long way to helping your practice stand out in the crowd of practices online. Plenty of clinics are using custom photos and taking advantage of these banner images to introduce their practice, demonstrate what makes them unique, and encourage pet owners to dive deeper into their site. Here are some different types of website banners that can help you capture attention and effectively market your practice:

1. The Team Banner

This is one of our favorite banner images. Every practice should have one, because nothing makes your practice seem more inviting or human than showing off the friendly faces that make up your clinic staff. Show pet owners who they will meet when they come in to visit your practice with a personalized staff photo like this one from H√īpital V√©t√©rinaire Hudson.
Hudson Veterinary Hospital team photo

2. The Playful Banner

Demonstrate your sense of humor and play up your practice’s fun side on your website. When you show that hint of personality, you make your practice seem more welcoming and light-hearted. Keep things playful with an image like this one from Eagle Ridge Animal & Bird Hospital:
Eagle ridge animal and bird hospital dog photo

3. The Achievement Banner

It’s not bragging to share that you’ve won an award ‚Äď it’s just good marketing! An award or achievement is a great way to distinguish yourself from your competition, and your banner is the perfect place to show that off. Whether you’re the readers’ choice or you’ve just become AHAA accredited, add it to your website slideshow to let your clients and prospective customers know.
You could go the route of Stonegate Animal Hospital and use a large headline and bright colors to draw attention to your success:
Stonegate animal hospital thank you banner
Or you can make the banner more personal by including an image of your practice or the winner of the accolade, as Orillia & District Veterinary Services did when one of their veterinarians won an award:
Orillia & District Veterinary Services

4. The Testimonial Banner

Another great way to market your practice on your homepage is to use your banners to share testimonials. This ensures that the first thing potential clients encounter when they visit your practice website is the wonderful things other customers have said about your practice! This is the approach Honeoye Falls Veterinary Hospital took with their banner:

Honeoye-falls testimonials banners

5. The What-Sets-You-Apart Banner

What is it about your clinic that makes you unique? What sets you apart from the competition? Whatever it is, highlight it in your banner image to let potential clients know why they should be picking your clinic.
Acadia Veterinary Clinic & Pet Rehab Clinic¬†is doing a great job of this with their banner on caring for exotic pets. (As a side note, we also love that they’ve added text to their banner images that really stands out and lets the viewer know what they’re all about.)

Acadia Veterinary Clinic exotic pets banner

6. The Practice Location Banner

When prospective clients are trying to find your practice, will they know what they’re looking for? While including too many photos of your practice building can be generic and a bit bland, having at least one can help pet owners know what’s in store for them the first time they visit your practice.
Try to photograph your practice with good lighting and from an interesting but clear angle, like Winslow Animal Hospital did:

Winslow Animal Hospital banner

7. The Services Banner

Does your clinic offer any bonus services in addition to pet healthcare? Whether you provide boarding or acupuncture, let pet owners know with a banner about these extra features.
We really like this banner image from Royal York Animal Hospital because it combines services offered with a humorous image directly from the practice. Eye-catching, smile-inducing, and informative!
Royal York Animal Hospital services banner

8. The Community Involvement Banner

Whether you’re running a microchip clinic or getting involved with your local SPCA, a photo from your latest community involvement makes a great banner. Pet owners love to see it when their veterinary clinic is out and about in the community.
You can advertise an event ahead of time or share photos from after the fact like this banner from Allatoona Animal Hospital:
Allatoona Animal Hospital community involvement banner
Or this photo with an entertaining caption from Amherst Veterinary Hospital:
Amherst Veterinary Hospital triathalon banner

9. The Collage Banner

For when one image simply isn’t enough. Create a collage of images to showcase your practice and all you have offer, like this attractive collage banner from Frontier Veterinary Hospital:¬†
Frontier Veterinary Hospital collage banner

10. The Blog Post Banner

Your practice blog is a great place to provide entertaining and informative content for existing and prospective clients. You can attract readers to your practice blog through your website banner. Use an image from your practice to add extra punch like Elgin Animal Hospital did here:
Elgin Animal Hospital blog banner

11. The Find Us On Social Media Banner

Is your practice on social media? Encourage pet owners to find and follow you there. You can even use a compelling image from your social account, like this one from Lockridge Animal Hospital that really catches the eye:
Lockridge Animal Hospital Facebook banner

12. The Patient Photo Banner 

More than anything, your patients are what make up your practice. If you have a cute photo of your patients, and explicit permission from their owners, why not share that picture on your practice website? You’ll remind pet owners of their own fur babies and demonstrate how much you love your clientele.
All you need is an adorable patient photo to create a banner image like this one from Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital:
Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital patient photo banner

13. The Holiday Banner 

From St. Patty’s Day to Easter to Christmas, it feels like there’s always a holiday right around the corner. Keep your practice website looking up-to-date and topical by creating a banner for the upcoming holidays. You can use a holiday-themed image, like this one from Ballantrae Plaza Veterinary Clinic:
Ballantrae Plaza Veterinary Clinic holiday banner
Or share a graphic with your holiday hours on it, like this one from Owen Sound Veterinary Clinic:
Owen Sound Veterinary Clinic holiday banner

14. The Special Offer Banner

If you have a special offer or promotion going on at your practice, your website banner is the perfect place to advertise it. Both current and prospective clients would be thrilled to discover that they could save some money on a service, and you can include a call-to-action to encourage them to take advantage of the offer right away.
Create a graphic for your promotion (you can create one in Canva), or use a pre-made one like this banner from King Hopkins Pet Hospital for Pet Dental Month:
King Hopkins Pet Hospital dental month bannerUse the¬†banners on your practice website to catch visitors’ eyes, achieve your marketing goals, represent your practice and its unique aspects, and entice pet owners to go from casually browsing to walking through your clinic doors.

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