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April 8, 2020

15 SEO and Online Marketing Terms That Every Practice Should Know

  To help veterinary practices stay financially afloat during the COVID-19 crisis, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) recently released... View Article

March 16, 2020

How and Why to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

  Even if you don’t know what they’re called, you’ve seen them many times—those knowledge panels of information that come up with photos, directions, hours of operation, reviews,... View Article

January 15, 2020

Better Veterinary Marketing Simplified: Our Top Blogs of 2019

  So, you’ve purchased a LifeLearn WebDVM website, custom designed to make you stand out from the competition and book... View Article

August 21, 2019

3 Things You Need to Know to Help Increase Your Google Ranking

  Website ranking on Google and other search engines directly correlates to growth and profitability for any business. As an example, research... View Article

October 4, 2018
7 additional WebDVM Features

6 WebDVM Features to Attract More Clients and Improve Practice ROI

If you’re not familiar with the six key components of your WebDVM website to attract more clients and improve clinic... View Article

October 4, 2018
LifeLearn SEO+

Veterinary SEO Made Simple With SEO+

Your time is precious to pet healthcare. That’s why LifeLearn developed SEO+ to save you time while supporting the financial... View Article

April 25, 2018
Create a Google My Business page

How to Create a Google My Business Page for Your Veterinary Practice

Search Engine Optimization may not top your list of “Most Riveting Topics Ever,” but it’s an essential part of reaching... View Article

April 25, 2018
LifeLearn partners with Gingr

How to Manage Your Online Presence Effectively Amidst Changes to SEO

Just like the field of animal medicine, the online world is constantly advancing. Between complex coding trends and baffling algorithm... View Article

September 28, 2017

Quiz: How Well Do You Know SEO?

With back-to-school season drawing to a close, you’ve studied hard on all things search engine optimization (SEO) and it’s time... View Article

September 26, 2017
Refresh Your Website Content

5 Tips to Refresh Your Veterinary Website Content

Freshening up your content is critical for a healthy website. Imagine the Internet as a living entity, constantly interacting with... View Article

September 25, 2017
SEO 101

SEO 101: On the Search for Traffic

We’ve been making the most of the back-to-school season by going over the key parts of online veterinary marketing. Now,... View Article

August 29, 2017
What Are Meta Tags—and Are They Still Relevant?

What Are Meta Tags—and Are They Still Relevant?

In the early days of search engine optimization (SEO), meta tags meant a great deal. They were an effective way... View Article

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