Your veterinary team has worked hard this year and the holiday season is once again here. In that spirit, we invite practice workers everywhere to enjoy some fun, celebrate their achievements, and grab a sleigh’s worth of inspiration and complimentary goodies in our first-ever 12 Days of Holiday Freebies and Fun for Veterinary Teams.

Enjoy and share with team members over the 12 days of the holidays (traditionally beginning on Dec. 26th) or dive in and enjoy the goodies and fun all at once. (Goodness knows you’ve earned it.)

Day 1 – Newly Minted: Our Free 2023 Practice Marketing Inspiration Guide!

Coming up with communication ideas each month isn’t always easy for busy veterinary teams. To help remedy that, we just released our free  Ultimate 2023 Client Communications Inspiration Guide (still with that new inspiration guide smell) to keep your communications on target and energize your practice marketing.

Available for a limited time, our free guide comes loaded with timely, engaging, and fun ideas (with examples) to cue up each month to:

  • Keep clients engaged all year long
  • Make your job easier
  • Save time so you can focus on patient care

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Day 2 – 5 Holiday Drinks That Should Exist for Veterinary Teams

Drink makers have long overlooked holiday drinks specifically created for veterinary teams, and we feel this has been a big oversight, given how hard veterinary teams work. In honor of this, here are five pet-themed holiday beverages we feel should exist for veterinary teams (and what the advertising might be if they’re ever produced):

  • Cosmopugitan: The spirited nature of this friendly beverage turns any humdrum holiday into “Let’s do something!” Whether that something involves painting red stripes on Elizabethan collars to create festive “candy cones” or something else, you’ll have to decide what your “something” is.
  • Cathattan: This wonderful but mysterious beverage commonly regards other cathattans as rivals. So, have plenty of napkins and apologies ready if you’re consuming cathattans with friends. Spontaneous beverage clashes may occur.
  • Johnnie Walkies: Stuck at a boring holiday gathering? Can’t think of a good excuse to leave? We’ve got you covered. Order a glass of Johnnie Walkies (with the emphasis on “Walkies”) and this flavorful beverage will practically drag you out the door before you know it.
  • Purrlot: We call this fruit-forward, aromatic beverage a top-shelf drink, not because it has a particular pedigree but because it likes to climb onto shelves when no one’s looking. To order this beverage, simply shout, “Get down from there!” (It will likely ignore you.)
  • Whiskers Sour: Despite its name, this is a lively beverage with invigorating elements that pair well with fish and crinkle balls. For best results, stir with a ribbon toy or laser pointer.

Please drink responsibly. We’re obliged to say this and felt we should also direct this message to any dogs who may drink from the toilet. To them we say, you really shouldn’t do that, but if you must (and again, you really shouldn’t), please drink responsibly.

Day 3 – Join Us for Virtual Training Camp! (Free Program)

Roadmap a solid, achievable strategy for your practice success in 2023 in our first-ever Virtual Training Camp . This three-week educational camp is designed to help you identify practice goals and mobilize them for success. The program walks you through the process from start to finish, supported by webinars, infographics, and more. No actual winter camping involved!

>> Click here to register  and start earning points for a chance to win prizes!

Day 4 – Pet Memes Made Easy

Pet memes are a fun way to engage pet owners and boost practice visibility. Stuck for ideas? No worries. Read our blog Pet Memes Made Easy with seven funny pet memes to inspire you. If you’re still not inspired, feel free to copy any of the memes for use on your practice social channels.

Day 5 – Free Kit to Keep Earth’s Defenses Healthy and Adorable

According to an October 2022 report by Statista, 34% of Americans now believe in aliens (versus 20% in 1996) and more than a third believe aliens will be hostile toward humans.

Should that prove true in some alien invasion scenario, we believe the world can rest assured that veterinary teams will stop any alien invasion dead in its tracks by simply holding up one of the many adorable puppies or kittens they care for.

So, how do you save time reminding and educating your clients about the importance of pet vaccination and thereby better ensure a healthy and disarmingly adorable Earth defense force?

Download our complimentary Pet Immunizations Awareness Kit with tools and resources to save time reminding and educating your clients about the importance of vaccinating their pets against preventable diseases.

Earth thanks you in advance.

Day 6 – 3 Free Photo Sites That Won’t Cause “Argh!”

Free photo sites are certainly a convenient and budget-friendly way for practices to create attention-grabbing images for social posts, blogs, and other communications. The problem: Some free photo sources don’t contain pet images. Others are so liberally sprinkled with images linked to paid image sites, sifting through them can be an exercise in “argh!” (We’re speaking from experience.)

We believe veterinary teams shouldn’t have to waste their time. So, as an adjunct to our free Ultimate 2023 Client Communications Inspiration Guide, here are three free photo sites that won’t cause argh:

  1. Pexels: Searchable by keyword and general categories found under the Explore tab, the Pexels library contains over 3.2 million high-resolution photos and videos. No attribution is required.
  2. Unsplash offers over 3 million high-resolution images that do not require attribution.
  3. Rawpixel (often overlooked as a resource) includes thousands of pet images for personal and commercial use with no attribution. (Note: Images labelled “Editorial Use only” cannot be used for commercial purposes.)

Day 7 – 7 Fact-ish Facts About Cats

Cat World Domination Day (June 24th) was founded on a basic question: Could cats possibly take over the world? If they ever do, here are seven fact-ish facts to know about our possible future overlords from one of our recent Friday Fun blogs.

Day 8 – Free Tools to Retain Staff and Attract New Talent

Veterinary practices everywhere are asking what they can do to retain staff and attract talent to better ensure a lasting Happy New Year. In response, we created our complimentary Veterinary Staffing & Employee Retention Kit that addresses four big issues impacting staffing and retention. Packed with tools and resources to help practices make decisions, serve staff in an evidential way, and make tangible improvements to staffing and retention, our free kit is available for a limited time.

Day 9 – Favorite Funny T-Shirts for Vet Techs

As a supplement to the infographic 5 Simple Ways to Say Thanks to Your Superhero Veterinary Team included with our free free Veterinary Staffing & Employee Retention Kit , here are five of our favorite funny T-shirt sayings for vet techs, easily found online:

  • “It’s all fun and games until someone winds up in a cone.”
  • “I’m a vet tech. I can’t fix crazy, but I can sedate it.”
  • “Don’t argue with me. I neuter for a living.”
  • “Now you know what an awesome vet tech looks like.”
  • “Vet tech, not a magician, but I understand your confusion.”

Day 10 – 3 Tips to Convert More Calls into Clients AND Reduce Stress (Really)

Where many practices are short-staffed and turning patients away, the idea of converting more calls into new clients may feel unnecessary or unwanted. Yet irrespective of practice realities, pet owners are still going to call. Our recent blog examines three best front-office practices to:

  • Convert more calls into clients to thrive in a competitive veterinary market
  • Minimize caller issues that may become complaints and thereby front-office stress

>> Read 3 Tips to Convert More Calls into Clients AND Reduce Stress

Day 11 – The Night Before Catmas

Nobody knows whether cats may read “The Night Before Christmas” to their kittens after pet parents have snugged into bed. Yet if they do, we suspect many kittens may never hear the end of the story because it may go something like this:

  • Cat: “Twas the night before Catmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even that devil of a mouse! But I’ll get that mouse yet! You can’t elude me forever!”
  • Kitten: “I know. You say that every year. The story?”
  • Cat: “Oh, right. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and they blamed me in the morning when they were no longer hanging there! I mean, they hung them there with those tantalizing stringy bits hanging down. What did they expect?”
  • Kitten: “Focus!”

veterinarian-SofieDay 12 – Learning Made Easy, Practice Efficiency Made Easier

LifeLearn’s learning portal contains a wide range of no-cost webinars for CE credit, including:

  • A Road Better Travelled: The Client Journey Through a Technology-Forward Practice, presented by Dr. Brendon Laing. (1.0 CE)
  • Aim High: 7 Easy Ways to Build Your Hospital’s Presence and Reputation, presented by Dr. Caitlin DeWilde. (1.0 CE)
  • From Thorns to Roses: Turning Curbside Care Lessons into New Normal Practice Efficiencies, presented by Dr. Mary Ann Vande Linda. (1.0 CE)

Webinars can be viewed without logging in, but you must be logged in to receive your CE credit.

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Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us at LifeLearn Animal Health!