New puppies are so exciting, but they can also be overwhelming, especially for first time pet owners. When getting a new puppy, pet owners need to get them vaccinated, train them, consider pet insurance and more. They will likely have a lot of questions, and they will turn to you for the answers.

As a veterinary professional, you care about animals. You want all new puppies to get the best care possible. However, it can be challenging to find time to answer all the questions clients have about their new puppy. Providing clients with as many resources as you can, will help them give their puppy the best care. Most new puppy owners want to learn as much as possible to give their new puppy the best life from the very beginning.

Do you have a plan for when clients turn to you asking for tips for early-day successes, nighttime wins and lifelong well-being? Having go-to resources already prepared will ensure that you can help new puppy owners without taking too much time away from your busy schedule. Our New Puppy Kit includes resources for you to give to new puppy owners to answer their questions on training, pet insurance, immunizations, and more!

To ensure early success for your clients and their new puppies, download your free New Puppy Kit.

Available for a limited time, our free kit includes:


  • An infographic with new puppy tips for early-day successes, nighttime wins, and lifelong well-being for clients.
  • An educational handout for clients Puppy Behavior and Training: Synopsis of a ClientEd Handout —that you can print and hand to clients at curbside or in-clinic or send by email.
  • Two social media images that you can post on Facebook to further educate your clients on how to care for their new puppy
  • Practice email FAQ with common new puppy care questions to send to clients
  • 1-pager to educate clients on pet insurance
  • Immunization Checklist to help clients keep track of important puppy vaccines

Download your kit today.