You undoubtedly know it firsthand. Veterinary teams are working long, stressful hours, meaning if you barely have time for a coffee break anymore, you’re not alone. Yet it doesn’t have to be the future of the veterinary workplace.

Dr. Mary Ann Vande Linde, internationally recognized leader in veterinary communications and VMX speaker, has helped veterinary teams like yours get their coffee breaks back and find a better normal. By employing ways to promote communication efficiency and client connections, veterinary teams have reclaimed better work-life balance, and your team can too with the same tools and resources.

Available for a limited time, our free Practice Efficiency Kit includes:


  • Free access to Dr. Vande Linde’s on-demand presentation, From Thorns to Roses: Turning Curbside Care Lessons into New Normal Practice Efficiencies, presented by LifeLearn.
  • From Thorns to Roses: Solutions to Growing Your BUDS—a handout to share with your team, featuring key time-saving strategies presented by Dr. Vande Linde.
  • Your chance to win a Nespresso coffee machine, packing innovative features for a crafted coffee experience. (If you’re going to reclaim coffee breaks, why not make them extra amazing?)

Download your free Practice Efficiency Kit today.

Download your kit today.