To improve compliance and the health of your patients, providing pet health information to your veterinary clients is a bit like distributing water to a thirsty crowd.

You can pour water and spend time handing it out in the hope it reaches everyone. Or you can use pre-bottled water and an automated distribution system that does more work for you and saves time.

The same is true for pet health information. You can write or find it yourself and manage your own distribution. Or you can use pet health handouts already written by animal health experts and send them out using a communication system that manages distribution more effectively for your veterinary practice and saves time.

The latter represents a simple but key veterinary time-saving tip when practices are busier than ever and operational efficiency is a must in 2022—and this is what the pet health education library ClientEd and ALLYDVM Client Communication and Retention Software provide when working for you in unison.

How ClientEd Specifically Saves Veterinary Practices Time


In the time it took you to read the last few paragraphs, you could have already found the pet health information you need in ClientEd’s library of 2,100+ pet health handouts, the majority of which cover dog and cat medical, surgical, and behavior topics, plus:

  • 250+ pet medication handouts (with new handouts added as novel drugs come to market), which help veterinary practices in states like California comply with consultation requirements as mandated by law.
  • 170+ Spanish handouts. (22 million pet owners in the U.S. are Hispanic, and 61% of the U.S. population is bilingual English/Spanish.)

ClientEd Handouts Are Designed for Easy Understanding by Pet Owners


Unlike many veterinary handouts that can cause confusion for pet owners with information that’s too long and technical, ClientEd handouts are written by animal health and communication experts in jargon-free language that pet owners can easily understand, which improves compliance. ClientEd handouts also come with relevant images or medical illustrations to:

  • Further increase understanding
  • Bond pet owners to veterinary practices
  • Facilitate compliance

Integration Additionally Sets ClientEd Apart


ClientEd seamlessly integrates into practice workflows. Practices can tailor existing handout content, create their own handouts, add patient-specific doctor’s notes, and customize handouts with practice logos, whether provided digitally or on paper. ClientEd can also be integrated into veterinary websites, providing a trusted online source of pet health information for pet owners.

How ALLYDVM Specifically Streamlines ClientEd Handout Distribution


While individual pet health situations will always require veterinary practices to send individualized pet health information to clients, certain information (e.g., general pet protection during flea and tick season) will always be timely and applicable to many or all your clients.

With ALLYDVM, practices can create customized email lists (e.g., all dog owners) and quickly send one or more ClientEd handouts to the entire audience with little administrative effort. ALLYDVM also includes mass communication templates to save time creating emails.


Automated Communications Can Save Practices Hundreds of Hours Per Month

Example: The average practice sends over 10,000 client appointment reminders per month. Based on an average message creation time of 5 minutes, ALLYDVM can save practices hundreds of hours per month with automated communications.

ALLYDVM Is a Complete Veterinary Communication Solution for Your Practice


Developed in collaboration with leading veterinarians, ALLYDVM stands apart as a complete veterinary communication and retention solution that includes automatic identification of missed reminders and appointment opportunities, which drives better health outcomes for your patients and better financial outcomes for your practice.

Can you hunt around for different tools to put together a similar system on your own?


You can. Yet given the value of your time—and the value of having a system that works for your practice as you need it to work—we invite you to first book a quick chat with us to avoid any pitfalls.

We’ll explain how ClientEd and ALLYDVM work together to save time and improve efficiency for your practice, show you some quick demos, and answers any questions or concerns so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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