People had short attention spans before the pandemic. Yet the late stages of the pandemic have diminished them even further, according to psychologist Niels Eék, with people often struggling to focus on the smallest things for any length of time (commonly called “pandemic brain”). This means, veterinary teams face an even tougher challenge in 2022 to engage pet owners and reinforce pet health recommendations.

To help with this, download your free Client Communication Kit with tools and resources to both educate your practice team about how to get your pet health care messages across to clients in a competitive information environment and help your messages stick.

Available for a limited time, our kit includes:


  • An infographic with 5 tips for practicing effective client communication
  • A short training activity to help your team practice “sticky” communication

If you’re sending more email/text communications to clients these days, it can be easy for clients to dismiss messages or forget your health care recommendations in a saturated information environment. And let’s face it, you don’t have time to repeat yourself! Our infographic particularly serves your practice with key tips to grab attention and help clients retain information.

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