In our previous blog, we showed you why animal health companies trust LifeLearn Industry Solutions as a partner for worry-free meeting and event management solutions. Here are three big reasons why top animal health companies equally trust LifeLearn for effective animal health content and industry presentations:



Since its beginnings in 1994 as a company offering award-winning continuing education programs to veterinarians across North America, LifeLearn has evolved into a full-service company providing animal health companies with custom content based on specific client needs and goals, presentation venues and platforms, and audience:

  • Clinical or research data—scientific presentations by researchers for academic or advanced medical audiences (e.g., the Veterinary Cancer Society)
  • Training and development—education for internal audiences covering topics such as product launches, sales training, and regulatory SOPs (e.g., new hire onboarding or product training)
  • Continuing education—RACE-approved provider and content creators for CE seminars (live or virtual) used in conference presentations, on-demand CE online, and other platforms.
  • Product-focused sales content—in-clinic seminars, infographics, and other content and tools for field sales teams to utilize in relationships with their primary clients, veterinarians, and their healthcare teams.
  • Lunch-and-learn and dinner-meeting presentations—custom presentations built for a specific audience to be delivered by internal and external experts.

Experts in Animal Health Content


The animal health field is a specialized one, requiring experts in content for effective presentations where important details specific to veterinary medicine are not overlooked. The depth and breadth of our team’s background and experience ensures presentations where the details are never missed.

Our team includes medical writers and biomedical communicators with graduate degrees in scientific writing and medical visualization. This means we have the expertise to transform client needs and resources into effective presentations that use adult learning strategies to improve comprehension and retention. Rounding out Industry Solutions’ multi-faceted team, scientific editors, medical illustrators, animators, and programmers ensure LifeLearn Industry Solutions is ready to hit the ground running with scientific or medical content.



Before “gamification” became a popular buzzword, LifeLearn Industry Solutions understood a simple fact. When people have fun in an educational setting, learning and knowledge application improves. To this end, LifeLearn has built an award-winning reputation in the animal health industry for impactful educational presentations based on gamification. A few examples:

  • The Association of Medical Illustrators awarded LifeLearn a Salon Award of Excellence (Interactive New Media) for Backyard and Beyond, a game created to educate veterinary staff and pet owners about the importance of regular parasite prevention and vaccines.
  • LifeLearn won three Communicator Awards of Distinction for multimedia educational programs using games, activities, and simulations to teach scientific principles to veterinary staff. One program mimicked CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to teach veterinary technicians how to correctly identify, diagnose, and treat common parasites found in pets. Another program used a computer game at trade shows to engage and teach attendees about proper pet nutrition.

Said more simply: With 25+ years of experience creating content for engaging and impactful presentations, and with the needs of specific audiences in mind, LifeLearn Industry Solutions distinguishes itself from other creative agencies through our experience in the veterinary industry, our multi-faceted team, and our level of commitment brought to every project and partnership.

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