This summer will see another backyard pool explosion as installers work to fill orders placed during the 2020 pandemic pool boom. 

Mermaid¬†Pools, for example,¬†is¬†sold out¬†of in-ground pools for 2021 and is taking orders for 2022. The¬†National Post¬†recently reported that¬†the¬†city of Mississauga, Ont., received the same number of homeowner pool permit applications in the first three months of 2021¬†as¬†the city received in all of 2019,¬†and¬†The Philadelphia Inquirer¬†reported in April 2021 that ‚Äúdemand for pools surges for second year amid canceled vacations and long days at home.‚Ä̬†

Combined with standing seasonal water safety risks to pets like algae poisoning from pond water, lakes, and other natural cool-off spots, educating pet owners about pet water safety is again extra important this year. 

To easily do this, download our free Pet Water Safety Client Education Kit. 

Available for a limited time, our free kit includes:


  • An infographic¬†with¬†pet water safety tips for¬†clients.¬†
  • An educational handout for clients‚ÄĒ¬†Blue-Green Algae¬†Poisoning¬†:¬†Synopsis of a¬†ClientEd¬†Handout‚ÄĒthat you can print and hand to clients at curbside or in-clinic¬†or send by email.¬†
  • Two¬†social media images¬†that you can post on Facebook to further educate your clients about the importance of pet water safety.¬†
  • Practice email FAQ¬†with water safety tips to send to clients.¬†

Download your free kit.