A client suspects her dog (who’s been listless all day) has gotten into some antifreeze. They’re five minutes from arriving at your clinic. You’re the only veterinarian in the building and it’s been a while since you treated ethylene glycol toxicity.

You know there’s probably a good resource on your bookshelf, but where? Moreover, can you find it in time to be prepared?

In such moments, speed matters


Instead of searching your bookshelf, you ask Sofie. Within seconds, your mobile Sofie app finds a succinct reference with a diagnostic algorithm, a step-by-step review of different possible scenarios, and treatment protocols with drug doses.

You take a few minutes to refresh yourself. The dog arrives in lateral recumbency, but with protocol and drugs ready, you act. Despite the stress of the moment, you confidently manage the patient, the client, and the emergency simultaneously.

This is a typical story, shared with us by users of LifeLearn Sofie, the artificial intelligence-driven medical search tool that aggregates the best veterinary medical information from textbooks, proceedings, and journal articles. Essentially, Sofie is your virtual DVM assistant—the kind of assistant that I wish I’d had when I was in practice.

Back in 1989 BC (before computers), my little desk in the corner of my 750 sq. ft. clinic was regularly covered with textbooks, journals, and course notes. Fresh out of school, I was constantly searching for lists of differentials, diagnostics, and drug/treatment information, and challenging cases meant a lot of pulling books and flipping pages to find answers. I can’t help but wonder how much time I would have saved if a medical search tool like LifeLearn Sofie had been at my disposal.

Unlike the supercomputer of yesteryear that occupied a whole room, the power of AI is now in the palm of your hand, and so is your access to critical medical information at the point of need, but not just any information.

LifeLearn Sofie’s medical information comes from sources that are not available on the open web through a Google search


Sofie contains more than 25 of the best proprietary textbooks, such as Tilley’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult, Côté’s Clinical Veterinary Advisor and Ettinger’s landmark Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, along with years of proceedings from VMX and practical journal articles from Today’s Veterinary Practice.

More than just a search engine, LifeLearn Sofie uses IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence software to perform natural-language searches and return the most relevant information. This means, searches aren’t just based on keywords but on their context within the library sources. Almost instantly, you can:

  • retrieve drug doses, adverse effects, and interactions
  • access lists of differential diagnoses, clinical diagnostic or treatment protocols, and algorithms
  • identify step-by-step emergency procedures
  • confirm clinical signs and prognosis.

Sofie reduces your search time to mere seconds, and as we all know in this business, seconds matter


That’s what LifeLearn Sofie offers: medical information when you need it, confidence in your decisions, and the chance to optimize your workflow.

Anything else is just BS (before Sofie).

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