The U.S. pet insurance market is forecast to grow 12% by 2028, according to a March 2021 report by the business and analytics company Report Consultant.

The reason, as noted in a March 13th, 2021 story in The Sentinel, is “increasing awareness regarding the benefits of pet insurance policies,” driven in part by free online pet insurance awareness and education resources like Pet Insurance Info.

As a free service accessible to pet owners from our consumer site and standard onboard feature of all WebDVM custom veterinary websites, Pet Insurance Info:

  • Helps pet owners learn about the value of pet insurance.
  • Helps them with questions they need to ask before purchasing a policy.
  • Guides them through the quote process once they’re prepared to purchase a policy that fits their budget.

As more pet owners purchase pet insurance, they’re naturally empowered to make health care decisions based on what is best for their pets (versus being constrained by finances). This enables practices to perform better veterinary medicine, which improves patient outcomes.

“Awareness” Is Key to It All


With “awareness” being the centerpiece word in projected pet insurance growth, the same word is key for practices with WebDVM. Clients may not know that Pet Insurance Info is available to them for:

  • Education – providing comprehensive but easy-to-understand information.
  • Clarification – demystifying common misconceptions about pet insurance.
  • Comparison – Providing a simple tool for pet owners to compare different insurance coverage and quotes.

So, they may never discover Pet Insurance Info.

Here are three simple ways to easily get the word out to clients:


  1. Direct Clients to Pet Insurance Info in Conversations

Pet owners who are unaware of resources like Pet Insurance Info will often ask veterinary team members about pet insurance. Yet team members:

  • May not know the ins and outs of pet insurance.
  • May not have the time to give clients the info they need.
  • May not feel comfortable talking about pet insurance.

When you direct clients to use Pet Insurance Info, you accomplish two things:

  • You save time and keep appointment schedules moving smoothly, which optimizes workflow efficiency.
  • You strengthen client relationships in that clients can feel confident that the information (coming from their veterinary provider) is reliable and trustworthy.
  1. Let Clients Know in Your Practice Communications

Include a link in client emails and other communications where appropriate to let clients know they have free access to Pet Insurance Info, with the emphasis being that it’s a pet insurance education resource, much like ClientEd is a client education resource for veterinary practices.

Remember: You’re not selling pet insurance. Practices with WebDVM can select which insurance providers they wish to support through Pet Insurance Info (which currently features most pet insurance providers in North America). Yet all pet insurance transactions are handled directly between a pet owner and their selected insurance provider.

  1. Talk to New Pet Owners as Soon as They Become Clients

An ideal time to tell pet owners about Pet Insurance Info is when they bring a new puppy or kitten in for the first time. New pet parents are looking for guidance and want to provide the best for their new furry family members. By letting them know they have free access to Pet Insurance Info through your WebDVM website, you provide them with the tools and information they need to make the best health care decisions for their pets.

To save time letting your clients know about Pet Insurance Info, download our free Pet Insurance Info Awareness Kit with social posts, an in-clinic poster, and a mass email.

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