Veterinarian and bestselling author Dr. Jessica Vogelsang recently discovered why some practice teams are happier than others, even though they’re just as busy. After speaking with veterinarians, technicians, and practice managers, Dr. Vogelsang wrote in a recent blog that happier teams are using veterinary telemedicine.

Here are 3 ways veterinary telemedicine creates improved practice happiness:

Veterinary Telemedicine Provides Better Work-Life Balance

In her blog, Dr. Vogelsang talks about the difficult decision she made to leave clinical practice “because I couldn’t physically commit to 40+ hours a week outside the home when my kids were little.” Had telemedicine been available to her, Dr. Vogelsang says, “I would have jumped on remote care in a heartbeat.” The flexibility and time balance provided by telemedicine would have allowed her to remotely serve clients without sacrificing time at home with her kids. In terms of how veterinary telemedicine serves practice team members in similar situations, Dr. Vogelsang says, “Team members can be 100% remote, or rotate being in-house and at home,” adding that in her experience, veterinarians are “dying for this to be an option.”

Veterinary Telemedicine Addresses Stress and Staff Shortages

Practice staff shortages caused by COVID-19 have left existing practice staff stressed and strapped for time. Telemedicine helps reduce stress and gives staff back more time by helping to retain staff who may have to quit over extenuating circumstances related to the pandemic. Says Dr. Vogelsang, “You’re employing that technician who quit because she has an immunocompromised relative at home and she’s scared of exposure to COVID.” Veterinary telemedicine also helps attract staff members by providing a system that allows them to serve patients and clients while addressing physical distancing and other COVID-19 safety protocols and concerns.

Veterinary Telemedicine Saves Practices Time

Veterinary telemedicine platforms save practices time in many ways. As an example, Dr. Vogelsang says, “Virtual technicians dedicated to client support can handle all those ‘is this normal?’ calls clogging up the lines.” Yet time savings from veterinary telemedicine extend well beyond phone calls:

Time Savings from PIMS Integration

Veterinary telemedicine platforms that sync data from online consultations to practice management system medical records (a.k.a. PIMS integration) save veterinary teams time by not having to manually enter information into patient records during or after a consultation.

Teletriage Time Savings

Veterinary telemedicine systems with an AI-driven teletriage Symptom Checker help pet owners assess the urgency for veterinary care and provide a recommendation for appropriate next steps, which save practices time in triaging patients.

Time Savings from Increased Efficiency

Telemedicine platforms with automated remote monitoring re-checks provide a more efficient way of conducting post-care follow-ups while increasing compliance. Veterinarians no longer need to dedicate time in a day to perform call backs. Instead, they can chat with clients in between appointments.

Petriage Was Designed for Improved Veterinary Team Happiness

Petriage, the complete veterinary telehealth solution, provides all the above benefits—and more—as a unique, robust, and flexible telehealth solution. Petriage enables modern-day veterinary practices to seamlessly integrate virtual care while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

Petriage Features Include:

  • PIMS integration for automatic medical record keeping
  • A patent-pending AI-driven teletriage Symptom Checker for pet owners
  • Telemonitoring capabilities through eCheck – Remote Monitoring for communication and re-checks after surgery or hospitalization

Petriage also features built-in Stripe integration. A certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 offering advanced fraud protection, Stripe allows clients to pay for a consultation directly through Petriage, and offers 24/7 customer support.

Available through LifeLearn Animal Health as a standalone solution, Petriage can also be added and integrated into WebDVM websites (both for existing and new WebDVM customers) for quick pet-owner access.

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