The Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care Manual (ECCM) made #1 on the Amazon bestseller list for one main reason. When veterinarians find themselves in tight situations, the ECCM (now in its 3rd Edition, published by LifeLearn Animal Health) provides general practitioners and emergency teams with fast, easy access to diagnostic and treatment strategies for common and uncommon emergency and critical care situations for dogs, cats, birds, and exotics. With its manual-style format and step-by-step instructions for diagnostics, procedures, and management, the ECCM is designed as a comprehensive resource for any veterinarian to quickly reference and apply in rigorous situations.
That’s why the Emergency + Critical Care Manual continues to rank in the Amazon top 100 today.

“After reading only a couple of chapters, I realized that this book would become the first reference I would reach for when I needed both a quick answer for a specific case or further reference for an ongoing situation.”
—Jennifer Parks, DVM (Canadian Veterinary Journal)

The Emergency + Critical Care Manual was born from detailed procedural notes written by emergency and critical care specialist Dr. Karol Mathews, Professor Emeritus at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, while establishing one of the first full-service veterinary intensive care units in Canada.
When LifeLearn approached Dr. Mathews in the early 1990s and proposed working together to shape her notes into a book, Dr. Mathews’ was thrilled that LifeLearn saw her work as valuable to the entire veterinary community. She also saw that LifeLearn was the right fit as an active and trusted publisher of veterinary educational resources and pet owner education material. So, LifeLearn and Dr. Mathews got to work, and in 1996, LifeLearn published the first edition of the ECCM.
Since its first printing, the ECCM has been used in emergency hospitals and ICUs around the world. In practices, the ECCM is often found open on counters and cage-side, and to provide veterinarians with easy access to the latest and best veterinary medical information, the ECCM was recently added to Sofie, the most advanced veterinary medical search tool on the market.
The new 3rd Edition of the ECCM, which Dr. Mathews thoroughly reviewed and updated, includes 60 contributing authors to reflect current best veterinary practices. That means the new 3rd Edition has roughly 50% more content than the previous edition.
All-new chapters in the 3rd Edition include:

  • Preventing and Treating Infection from the Point of Admission
  • Damage Control Techniques for Abdominal Injury
  • Mechanical Ventilation

And much more.

“This book is an amazing friend for critical situations.”
—MVDr. Leona Rauserova, PhD

The secret to the ECCM’s easy and quick use as a diagnostic and treatment resource is its practical and logical approach, which enables timely clinical decisions and action with a focus on procedure and protocol. Detailed decision trees, easy-to-reference tables, algorithms, illustrations, and sample worksheets support essential emergency and critical care decision-making. And practitioners will appreciate the consistently formatted topics with extensive chapter cross-referencing.
To ensure the ECCM lasts over time under a variety or working conditions, the 3rd Edition has a new binding and sturdy front and back cover. So, it’s perfect for both light and heavy use as an essential tool for every practice.

“We use [the ECCM] at night for emergencies because it is an approachable book with manageable charts and logically organized information. It’s easily used for quick, straightforward references.”
—Dr. Lais Malavasi, DVM, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor Anesthesia & Analgesia WSU

Discover why veterinarians, technicians, and nurses have called the ECCM the “bible” of critical care and why veterinarians continue to rely on this book in emergency situations.
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