10 Pet Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

By July 17, 2020July 5th, 2021No Comments

Need a quick laugh break between appointments or at the end of a busy day? Here are ten pet memes posted by veterinary clinics that will make you ?!
You know your veterinary relationship with other pets is a professional one. Yet as this post by Seaside Animal Hospital in Calabash, NC shows, some pets take it personally.

Pets often display relatable facial expressions. Case in point: This post by Banfield Pet Hospital shows that some pets display the same facial expression as humans do when the driver rolls right past the pizzeria. (Sigh!)

Pets generally aren’t thought of as animals that make plans. Yet as this post by Westmount Animal Hospital in Kitchener, ON shows, pets sometimes make the same gloriously unapologetic plans as people.

This video post by High Peaks Veterinary Clinic in Ray Brook, NY evidences two things: Some dogs can’t contain the zoomies, and both pets and people pretty much make the same face (above) when caught doing something.

If catching a red laser pointer dot really is all that stands between us and world dominion by cats, this post by Highway 24 Veterinary Clinic in Guelph, ON reminds all cat owners to make sure they have plenty of extra laser pointer batteries to delay the fur world order as long as possible.

Looking to level up your dance moves? Point Grey Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver, BC shows you how in this Tik Tok video post.

Pet owners never need a thermometer to know when it’s hot outside, evidenced by this post by Wendell Veterinary Clinic in Sunapee, NH.

As confusing as the subject of masks can be for some people during COVID-19, this post by Altitude Veterinary Hospital in Casper, WY shows that the subject is equally confusing for many pets.

Pet owners can relate to most of these top sleeping positions for dogs posted by East Hartford Animal Clinic in East Hartford, CT. (Cirque du Soleil performers can definitely relate to #10.)

This post by Pinelands Village Veterinary Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa may explain why you can still find armor on eBay.