Friday Fun Blog: PetFlix

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During stressful times like the current #covid19 crisis, the AVMA and AAHA recognize and recommend laughter as an important element of stress-relief and self-care for veterinary teams. To help, LifeLearn offers this Friday Fun blog.
In a time when people are spending more time indoors watching Netflix, and bored pets wonder why no one has produced programming for them, the newly launched Petflix vies to be the next top dog in streaming entertainment with a selection of movies, TV shows, and concert presentations produced for both pets and people.

Here’s what’s coming:

Super Hero Action Movies!

The Amazing Spider-Cat

A web-slinging tabby vows to clean up crime as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Cat but doesn’t get far when the very webs he slings become endlessly distracting playthings.


The Bark Knight

A crime-fighting canine disastrously tries to re-build his public image after chasing down Catwoman, only to be charged with stalking and slapped with a restraining order. Ben Affleck appears as the Marvel lawyer who sues the Bark Knight for copyright infringement after the Jokester (Joaquin Phoenix) convinces the Bark Knight to rebrand as the Wolferine.

The Incredible Pug

A dog-friendly workplace becomes decidedly unfriendly after a gamma-ray accident at a research lab turns a pug into a furry green rage monster that inexplicably looks adorable, even as he’s smashing apart buildings. Mark Ruffalo appears as the Pug Whisperer, who unwisely tries to put the Incredible Pug in touch with his gentler side and gets stomped into goo.

Fabulous Musicals!

The Sound of Meow-sic

The hills are alive with the sound of meow-sic in this semi-factual biopic about the musical Von Lap family of cats, who unwisely choose to bring the hills of the Swiss Alps alive with meow-sic in winter and cause an avalanche, which buries any chance for a sequel.

Bohemian Lhasa-Apsody

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? You decide in this vaguely factual docudrama chronicling the meteoric rise of the canine rock band Duchess from their backyard beginnings to global stardom. Songs include “We Will Walk You,” “I’m Your Best Friend,” “Somebody to Lick” and “Bicycle Chase.”

Gripping Drama Series!

Barking Bad

In a desperate bid to save his family from financial ruin, labradoodle Walter Bite turns an old meth lab into a fuel-efficient luxury RV. But after RV orders unexpectedly start flooding in from the neighborhood, Walter finds himself on the run after local RV dealer Chewco Salamanca decides he doesn’t like competition.


In the opener, Pawtham crime lord and possessive auto enthusiast Car-Mine Falcomb blackmails rookie detective and soup fancier James Knorrdom into killing police informant Pawswald Cobblepup, only to be foiled by Cobblepup’s penguin-like cuteness and smashingly smart tuxedo. Based on characters published by Flea-C comics and appearing in the Catman franchise.

Game of Bones

Two powerful canine families vie to reclaim the Lion Throne and rule the Seven Thingdoms of Easteros. In the opener, King Ned Bark narrowly escapes an attack by the supernatural Bite Walkers by fleeing into Northern Ireland, where a chance encounter with actor Sean Bean reveals the horrible truth that “Game of Bones” is a brazen rip-off of “Game of Thrones.”

Downton Tabby

Dogs may have owners, but cats have staff in this lavish period drama following the lives of the aristo-cat-ic Pawley family. In the series opener: Chauffeur Tomcat Branson realizes he made a horrible career choice after discovering he hates being inside a car; Kitchen helper Daisy Broom can’t figure out how she’s supposed to cook anything when the Pawleys keep shooing her off the counter.

Riveting Mysteries!

Murdog Mysteries

Detective Murdog investigates the dinner-table disappearance of a pot roast at a swanky Rosedale soirée, and follows a trail of gravy droplets to a guilty and completely happy Constable Labtree, Doctor Dogden and Inspector Brackenbreed.

Great Concerts!

Marrowsmith: Chew Toys in the Attic

Canine rockers Marrowsmith perform live at Wiggly Stadium. Songs include “Wag This Way” and “Dude Looks Like a Corgie.”


Dog Side of the Moon

Progressive canine rock band Pink Freud performs at Brooklyn’s Bark-lays Stadium. Songs include “Another Tick in the Wall,” “See Emily Play Frisbee” and “Learning to Scratch.”

Binge-Worthy Reality Series!

So, You Think You Can Walk

Contestants stroll, strut and waggle in their bid to impress judges Rigel Mythglow and Marvin “Twitch” Paws to be crowned America’s favorite walker. In the opener, contestant Socks the kitten impresses judges with a “Cirque-style aerial performance” by scrambling up the stage curtains while rival contestant Molly the basset hound equally wows judges with an “ice dance” after slipping on ice.

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