When it comes to hard-copy veterinary books, many veterinarians know LifeLearn as the publisher of The Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care Manual, the comprehensive emergency health care guide that made #1 on the Amazon bestseller list and continues to hit the top 100. Yet LifeLearn publishes numerous books to help veterinarians and their teams with a range of subjects, from small animal cardiology and pet behavior issues to effective team training. 

Here are three LifeLearn books you may never have heard about, and one you may know: 


Behavior Advice for Clients

Behavior-related issues are the #1 reason why pet owners abandon pets. To help remedy this, Behavior Advice for Clients provides veterinarians with the information and means to concisely and effectively manage most pet behavior issues. The book also provides veterinarians with client education information for pet owners, with answers and solutions to the most common behavior problems in dogs and cats. 

Published by LifeLearn in 2012, Behavior Advice for Clients is a compilation of more than 117 cat and dog behavior client handouts written and expanded over a decade by renowned, board-certified veterinary behaviorists Gary Landsberg (DVM, DACVB, DECAWBM) and Debra Horwitz (DVM, DACVB). Perfect as a quick reference and for treatment-planning purposes, the book includes a CD with printable handouts on the prevention, management, and treatment of pet behavior problems. 

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The ABCDs of Small Animal Cardiology: A Practical Guide

Co-authored by Sonya G. Gordon (DVM, DVSc, DACVIM-CA) and Amarha H. Estrada (DVM, DACVIM-CA) and edited by Lisa Carioto (DVM, DVSc, DACVIM-CA)The ABCDs of Small Animal Cardiology is designed as a quick and practical reference for the busy general practitioner. Published by LifeLearn in 2013 with content input by ten contributing veterinarians—including cardiologists in private referral practice and academia—the contents reflect both a review of the current literature as well as the authors’ opinions and current management strategies.  

As a quick reference manual, material is repeated in several sections, often in bulleted outline style. So, readers do not need to read the entire manual or section or continuously flip through different sections to find complete recommendations. 

The authors have included appendices that contain additional resources that the reader may find valuable. Web extras, including client education handouts and the forms in the appendices, are available at www.lifelearn.com/cardiology. 

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The Effective Team Training Manual: Proven Strategies, Standards and Procedures to Train Your Team

Ask any pet owner why they’re a loyal returning client to their veterinary practice and they’ll commonly say things like, “I trust them,” “They’re an amazing team,” “I really like them.” Said another way, while things like veterinary medical equipment, location, and even waiting-room furnishing are all important to the success of a practice, people ultimately return to a practice based on the positive experience they have with the people in a veterinary team. The Effective Team Training Manual provides you with a model for developing efficient and effective staff training systems to better ensure your clients have the most positive and professional experience, become loyal returning clients, and help grow your practice by spreading positive word-of-mouth advertising. 

Based on the materials and methods used to train staff at Hastings Veterinary Hospital in Stirling, Ont., The Effective Team Training Manual (published by LifeLearn in 2009) leads you step by step through training principles and processes that address the whole of the client experience, including: 

  • Client Care Training – service protocols for all client interactions 
  • Standards Training – standards for communication and patient care 
  • Medical Training – standards for patient health records and teaching modules to educate staff in your standards of veterinary care 
  • …and much more. 

Co-authored by Jim Stowe (DVM), Dr. Christine Heagle, and Dr. Robb HeagleThe Effective Team Training Manual includes a CD with customizable templates for strategies, standards, and procedures. 

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The Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care Manual (3rd Edition)

The Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care Manual (3rd Edition) published by LifeLearn is a comprehensive emergency guide that provides ready access to diagnostic and treatment strategies for common emergency situations for dogs, cats, birds, and exotics. Its manual-style format and step-by-step diagnostic, procedural, and management instructions were designed to be a quick and easy resource for emergency teams to reference and apply in rigorous situations.  

Since 1996, The Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care Manual has been used in practices around the world, often found cageside and open on counters. Its practical and logical approach enables timely clinical decision and action with a focus on procedure and protocol. Detailed decision trees, easy-to-reference tables, algorithms, illustrations, and sample worksheets support essential emergency decision-making. Practitioners will also appreciate the consistently formatted topics with extensive chapter cross-referencing. 

The 3rd Edition has been thoroughly reviewed and updated by the editor (Dr. Karol Mathews, emergency and critical care specialist and Professor Emeritus at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph) and 60 contributing authors to reflect current best practices. It includes a large amount of new information—approximately a 50% increase in volume of content. 

All-new chapters include: 

  • Infection: Preventing and Treating from the Point of Admission 
  • Multi-Drug Resistant (Yet-To-Be-Identified) Infections 
  • Fasciitis and Myositis 
  • Damage Control Techniques for Abdominal Injury 
  • Focused Emergency Cageside Sonography 
  • Catheter and Tube Placement Techniques 
  • Mechanical Ventilation 
  • and MORE 

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