Your time is precious to pet healthcare. That’s why LifeLearn developed SEO+ to save you time while supporting the financial health and growth of your practice, so you can continue focusing on the reason you got into pet healthcare in the first place.

What Is SEO+?

If you’ve heard of SEO, then you likely know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to improving your web presence and attracting more clients. But how do you get started?
On top of that, how do you keep up with it all in a constantly shifting digital landscape? Where search algorithms and Google ranking factors can change like the weather, how do you easily track and improve your website’s performance in search engines, month after month, without detracting from your important time helping patients?
The solution is SEO+, a simple monthly search engine report that tracks your website’s key performance indicators and identifies things that could be affecting your ranking.
Here’s how your SEO+ report breaks down:

Your Search Engine Traffic Highlights

Each SEO+ report leads off with your organic traffic highlights, which quickly answer your biggest question: “How has my website been doing?” Using Google Analytics API, the most advanced method of collecting performance data in Google Analytics, your SEO+ report pinpoints:

  • your monthly number of website visits (called sessions)
  • the number of page views
  • the number of new visitors to your website

To complete your performance snapshot, your report shows you each number’s percentage increase or decrease from your previous month’s report.

Where Your Visitors Are Coming From

Understanding where your website visitors are coming from is just as important as knowing who they are to help empower your best possible decisions to attract more clients. SEO+ simplifies and clarifies those decisions by identifying:

  • the search engines that pet owners are using to find your website
  • how many visitors are using each search engine (expressed in percent value)
  • the total number of sessions and page views according to each percent value

Google Rankings—Including Keyword Performance

As components of page titles, content, image tags and many other elements of your website, keywords are words and phrases frequently searched by pet owners, and the importance of keywords to your online presence can’t be overstated.
If pet owners, for example, use the phrase “animal hospital” when searching for local clinics, Google’s algorithms crawl the millions of websites online and display a ranked search engine results page (SERP) based on which websites best match a pet owner’s keyword search. And if your website doesn’t include the words “animal hospital,” for some reason, your Google ranking may be affected.
The Google Rankings section of your SEO+ report shows you what keywords are working for your clinic and whether there has been any change in their ranking.

Things That Could Be Affecting Your Rankings

While elements like keywords are central to your website’s ranking on Google, they’re but part of many things that can affect your SEO, including:

  • missing and duplicate page titles
  • missing meta descriptions
  • title-length errors
  • broken internal links
  • images missing alt text

For each issue that may be impacting your Google ranking, your SEO+ report zeroes in on the problem to identify a solution. Yet here’s where the time-saving features of SEO+ come in to help animal healthcare professionals like you keep your focus on patients.

Team LifeLearn fixes the issues for you.

That’s right. After reviewing your SEO+ report with you, LifeLearn’s veterinary SEO experts implement solutions to optimize your website’s discovery by search engines. This includes tailored local keywords that align with the most current search-engine algorithms—all designed to rank your website high and keep it there.
And your optimization support doesn’t stop there.
With SEO+ as part of your WebDVM website, you have all our veterinary website design experts at your disposal to keep your site on the leading edge of function, style and discoverability.
Don’t have SEO+?
No worries.

Contact LifeLearn today to book your free demo and discover how easy it is to optimize your SEO, boost your web presence and attract more clients with SEO+.