Over the past few years, our ClientEd team has worked diligently to update the ClientEd library. This means not only is the content reviewed for currency and accuracy but the language is checked for comprehension and the illustrations are refreshed.

And this is good news for your clients.

In a world where we`re constantly prompted to update our tech, advance our knowledge and improve ourselves, pet owners are no different. They want to know what’s going on with their pet’s health. And if their hospital can’t provide current information, they`ll look elsewhere.

How do I make sure I’ve got the latest ClientEd content?

ClientEd library handouts are updated every week however if you’ve used ClientEd’s editing capabilities to tailor handouts to your hospital, your edited versions supersede the updated ClientEd content we publish. This means your pet owners will see your edited version, not the updated version.

If you want to overwrite your edited handouts with the latest ClientEd content, here’s how:

1. If you’ve edited a ClientEd handout in your library, it will be listed in the search results as Edited by your Organization (Figure 1). Below the handout description, will be the date that LifeLearn published an update for that handout.

Figure 1. Search result for an edited handout

2. When you open the handout, you are looking at your clinic-edited version. To see the updated LifeLearn version, look in the left-hand column of the page for the LifeLearn’s Article button (Figure 2). Clicking this will display the updated LifeLearn handout. Not sure what is different between your version and the updated one? Use the Compare Changes button to find out. You can view the differences in standard and side-by-side view (Figure 3).

Figure 2. Notification that updated content is available, access to LifeLearn’s updated content (LifeLearn’s Article button) and the Compare Changes button.


Figure 3. Standard view versus side-by-side view and the Restore LifeLearn’s Article button

3. Replacing your clinic-edited version with the new LifeLearn version takes less than a minute. From the Compare Changes screen, click the Restore LifeLearn’s Article button (Figure 3). This will replace your clinic version with the updated LifeLearn handout. If there’s custom content in your handout that you want to keep (but still want the benefits of the new LifeLearn version), overwrite your clinic handout first and then re-apply your customizations to the new version. Not sure if you want to do any of this? Just click Cancel. If you decide in the future you want the updated version, just revisit the LifeLearn’s Article However, once your clinic-edited version is over-written, you cannot go back to it.