Freshening up your content is critical for a healthy website. Imagine the Internet as a living entity, constantly interacting with visitors, customers, and search engines. If your content rarely changes, search engines will likely assume your website has nothing new to offer. A static webpage will easily be lost in the shuffle of sites that are changed and updated regularly.

Search engines use web crawlers, which scan the Internet for websites. The search engine then decides the order in which websites are listed when a user searches on a search engine.

Web crawlers are constantly searching for web pages that are new or updated. They then add the fresh content to the search listings. If you update your content often with reliable and valuable information, then you have a better chance of a higher website ranking.

How can I start refreshing my website content?

Constantly adding new content to your website is time-consuming. It also doesn’t help your older, static pages generate interest, which can actually be bad for your overall SEO strategy.
Here are some tips to make small changes with your existing content.

Give it a new voice.

Take a quick look through your main pages. Are there long sentences, or too many complicated words? Do your paragraphs contain too much information? It might be time to update the voice of your website.
Improving the readability of your popular pages will help keep your potential customers on your website longer, and the regular changes will increase your chances of web crawlers finding your website.

Check the links on your website.

Delete or update links that point to any non-existent pages. If you update a link on your website, try changing the content around the link as well. The more changes to the content, the better.

Update the homepage.

It is a great idea to dedicate an area of your homepage for news that you can easily update. Is there a special event happening at your practice? Is there a new client or employee you’d like to introduce? If most of your traffic is directed to the homepage from search engines, it’s important to showcase that your practice is up to date and ready to engage.

Add more images.

Do you have a page introducing your practice and staff? Add images, and don’t forget the image titles! A small change like this can perk up the interest of web crawlers, not to mention your potential clients.

Answer questions frequently.

Does your website have an FAQ page? Updating it can greatly improve its being noticed by web crawlers. Include important keywords related to your clinic, as well as a call-to-action at the bottom. Encourage the user to book an appointment or ask a question of their own.

Updating your old content can give it new life and build credibility with your readers and potential clients. By combining these tips and regularly adding new articles and pages, you’ll have a wonderfully balanced website that any search engine would be proud to list!

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