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GUELPH, ON – September 17, 2017
The devastating effects of the recent hurricanes, including Harvey, Irma, and Maria, have had an enormous impact on the people and the pets of the United States and Caribbean Islands. Unfortunately, full recovery will take time and as such, it’s essential to keep safety and health in mind for everyone in the aftermath.
To help with this effort to protect and preserve the lives of those affected, LifeLearn, Inc. has put together a free hurricane relief package for those in the veterinary and animal health community to share with pet owners.
“In times like this, communications can be difficult; veterinary practices in affected areas are often closed, and team members are scattered and inaccessible. That’s why we’re calling on the animal health community to come together,” said Randy Valpy, president and CEO of LifeLearn. “If you have colleagues who have been affected by the recent hurricanes, or who may be volunteering in those areas, we’re calling out to you to assist us in sharing these resources with them.”
This package includes:

  • An informative article that veterinarians can post wherever it will be most accessible to affected pet owners
  • Prewritten informative social media posts with images that veterinarians and practices can share on their channels
  • A selection of sharable ClientEd Online articles covering the essential issues that veterinarians and pet owners will face, such as fear and anxiety behaviors, bites, skin issues, and emergency first aid

In addition to donations and financial assistance for clients, LifeLearn—like many in the animal health industry—wants to do more. “We are a community of animal lovers and pet owners ourselves, so naturally we wanted to do our part to help those affected by these disasters,” explained Valpy. “We put together this emergency communications kit to help veterinarians with essential information they can share with pet owners, so they can keep their pets healthy and safe even if they can’t make it to a veterinary practice.”
For more information on the package, or to share it with your colleagues and pet owners, please click this link.

About LifeLearn Animal Health

Founded in 1994, LifeLearn, Inc. is a Guelph-based technology company dedicated to helping animal health organizations realize the value of knowledge by building and delivering solutions that advance animal health worldwide. LifeLearn’s Animal Health ECOsystem is a comprehensive suite of custom digital solutions—products and services designed specifically to help veterinary teams and animal health companies better educate and communicate with clients, and ultimately optimize their business.

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