Every once in a while, it’s time to make a change. Time to reassess the old and consider what could be made new. Time to perform an upgrade, because believe it or not, even our amazing WebDVM websites can be improved!
Our awesome team of designers got to work reimagining the WebDVM websites. They went back to the drawing board and thought about how they could make our sites even more effective for veterinary clinics. And together with our development team, they produced a whole new look for WebDVM. When they revealed the results, we couldn’t believe the difference – and neither will you!
So what can you expect to see with our new WebDVM websites? They’re designed to attract clients to your site and to your appointment button, so they’ll be walking through your doors sooner.
But don’t just take our word for it – see the amazing new design for yourself!

What’s different?

Attractive improved design.
Trends change and looks go in and out of fashion, and websites are no exception. The new WebDVM website design offers more flexibility for your veterinary clinic to express its unique design style – whether you’re looking for something clean and modern, warm and cozy, or rustic and welcoming. With a simplified menu, boxes of color that match your practice branding, and the option to include larger images, we’re taking our sites to the next level, design-wise. It’s the kind of makeover that will have your visitors saying, “Wow, what a nice website!”
Feature what is important to you.
We know that no two clinics are the same. That’s why we’ve built our new websites to be customizable, so you can feature what’s important to your practice. Highlight services on your home page that set you apart from your competitors, create unique calls to action that guide your visitors through your site, and more!
Improved visitor experience.
It’s not just our appearance that’s changed. We’ve made it even easier for visitors to navigate your site, and find what they’re looking for. With improved calls to action and home page features, as well as improved mobile navigation, viewers can find the page they need faster. Plus, with strategically placed buttons, you can encourage your visitors to book an appointment or a stay, or even write a review – it all comes down to your practice’s priorities!
Better mobile viewing.
Our websites have always been mobile-friendly, but we’ve taken it to the next level with websites that were actually designed with mobile in mind. That’s right – our new sites look beautiful on every device, but they’re specifically meant to look amazing on mobile. When you consider that 50% of all mobile searches are looking for local results, it’s clear why we prioritized mobile so much!

Larger, more attractive images.
We wanted to improve your capacity to show off your beautiful practice and team members, so we introduced bigger and better image capabilities. We’ve included our classic practice tour feature from our previous sites, but it’s been updated to be larger and easier to use, so potential clients can really feel like they’ve set foot in your clinic.
Updated team page.
Your smiling faces can help your practice look much more personable and hospitable in the eyes of your clients. That’s why we’ve upped the size of the images on the team page and included more space to introduce yourself, so you can really show off the people that make your practice amazing!
Prominently featured testimonials.
Already have testimonials on your website? Now you can feature the great things clients are saying about your practice right on the home page. Don’t let your testimonials languish away in the hidden corners of your website. Make a strong impression right off the bat with testimonials on the front doors of your site!

What’s the same?

Our websites still have many of the features you know and love, including:

  • Pet Health Checker – so clients can check how serious their pet’s symptoms are and how quickly they should seek out your care.
  • ClientEd Online – our comprehensive online pet health library, featuring over 1,800 articles. Plus, check out the great updates we’ve introduced to this product as well!
  • Customized color and design to match your website’s unique branding.
  • Online appointment forms so potential clients can book without having to pick up the phone.

Interested in getting your first WebDVM website – or upgrading your current one? Call 1-800-375-7994 x 2001 or email [email protected] to get started today!

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