What’s Your Color

March 22, 2012 - Posted by LifeLearn

How Color Can Impact Your Veterinary Website

One of the key elements of building a strong brand is color selection. Every color has a different feel and various associations. By choosing a color or a combination of colors for your brand identity, you will take on those associations. Colors will evoke certain emotions and feelings towards your brand so it is vital to choose a color that will represent your identity effectively.

Try not to be too literal. Choosing black, red, and white because you want to be serious, bold, youthful, and exciting may actually turn clients away. Using in turn red, aqua, and deep teal can invoke modern, youth and stability and still be dramatic and bold.


The following should point you in the right direction and keep in mind that there are subtle nuances to every color, for example, green – dark forest, olive, deep emerald, lime, all encourage different personalities that will represent your branding.

  • Red color of heat, passion and excitement.
  • Orange color of warmth and vitality. It’s also associated with reliability and playfulness.
  • Yellow  color of optimism and creativity.
  • Green color of serenity and health. It invokes growth, nature and freshness.
  • Blue  color of security, truth and stability. It implies loyalty and reliability.
  • Purple  color of spirituality, intelligence and wealth.
  • Pink  color of youthful intensity. It conveys energy, fun and excitement.
  • Brown  color of durability and class. It could represent age, stability and relaxation.
  • Black is the color of power and drama. It’s serious, bold and strong.
  • White is the color of simplicity and cleanliness. Its message is youthful, mild and pure.

About the author:
Tammy Grigat is a highly skilled graphic designer at LifeLearn.  She can take the mundane and add her special flare to it to make it beautiful and visually appealing.  Tammy’s everyday life at LifeLearn involves with making WebDVM4 sites beautiful, creating collateral and media kits, and book layouts.  Tammy also has crazy baking skills and makes a super brown sugar cake.