A Great Logo Must Follow Basic Design Principles

January 3, 2012 - Posted by LifeLearn

Simplifying Logo Development

The logo must be soundly designed and look good. The aesthetic appeal of a logo, or any piece of art or design for that matter, is subjective and relative to a person’s mood when they view the logo. However, there are fundamentals of design that must be followed to ensure that a logo will appeal to anyone.

The fundamentals include, but are not limited to space, color, form, consistency, and clarity. It is recommended that a design professional have some influence on your logo, whether it be redesign or touching up, to ensure basic design principles are followed. But these are the basics to get you started or to analyze your own logo and whether or not it is time to invest into rebranding

1. Do not use more than three colors.

Line art is not a logo and do not use clipart under any circumstances…think of it this way, anything that can successfully be turned into an ice sculpture or that can easily be converted into black and white is the direction you want to take.

2. No need to be literal.

If you are a veterinary clinic there is no need to have a dog and cat hugging each other under a heart, clients understand that you love animals. You want to portray to your clientele that you are professional, modern, and educated…you take the care of animals seriously, most of all you want your name remembered and they should rely on you to have the answers. That is the image you want to portray.

3. Type must be easy enough for your grandma to read.

Stay away from scripts, funky serifs, or bubble letters. Make the most important part of your logo stand out the most…Your name. Keep it simple, clean and to the point.

4. Completely ignore what your parents and/or spouse think about the design.

Confirm that the logo looks appealing to more than just three (3) individuals. By individuals I mean people that are not employed by you or related to you, they have to be open to giving an honest opinion. Trust the people that tell you how you really look in a bathing suit and those are the ones to trust how your logo looks.

5. Hire a professional

A graphic designer can translate your needs and brand your practice to your specific market. There is more to logo design then meets the eye and a professional can bring more attention to your practice and initiate the branding that you need.  LifeLearn does provide a custom logo service to its customers.  Contact sales@lifelearn.com to find out more.

About the author:
Tammy Grigat is a highly skilled graphic designer at LifeLearn.  She can take the mundane and add her special flare to it to make it beautiful and visually appealing.  Tammy’s everyday life at LifeLearn involves with making WebDVM4 sites beautiful, creating collateral and media kits, and book layouts.  Tammy also has crazy baking skills and makes a super brown sugar cake.