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Education Bundle

For busy practices, pet health information tools must make life easier

Which means different things to different practices. 

  • Some need a better way to search and compare trusted veterinary medical information from multiple sources at the point of need to support the best diagnosis and treatment of patients. 
  • Others need a better way to provide clients with veterinary-approved pet health education content to improve compliance and strengthen the veterinary team’s role as animal health educators. 
  • Others need both—plus money-saving options—to multiply the power of knowledge and assistance to pet owners and the entire veterinary team. 

More assistance for less money

More assistance for less money is the core of our Education Bundle—two industry-leading veterinary education solutions for one limited-time price. 


Your Virtual DVM Assistant 

A faster alternative to VIN, Sofie is the most advanced veterinary medical search tool available, empowering veterinarians with instant online access to over 40,000 pages of the most trusted and credible veterinary medical information—including one-click access to drug dosage calculators and more with Vetcalculators, the #1 calculator app for veterinarians. 


Pet Health Education Resource for Pet Owners 

Available with WebDVM custom veterinary websites or as a standalone solution, ClientEd is the veterinary industry’s largest online pet health education library, providing your entire veterinary team with easy access to over 2,100 handouts (including drug information) covering a wide range of pet health topics written in easy-to-understand language. This strengthens your team’s roles as animal health educators and helps improve compliance. 

Ready to breathe easier with bundled pet health answers?

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