Education Bundle – Pet Health Information Tools to Make Life Easier

Empower your practice with our education bundle designed to revolutionize the way you educate both your team and your clients. From enhancing veterinary skills to empowering pet owners, our education bundle gives you the resources you need to elevate patient care and drive practice growth.

Bundle Features:

Sofie: Your Veterinary Information Expert
Make confident veterinary medical decisions faster at the point of need with LifeLearn Sofie, the only veterinary medical search tool that provides instant online access to the most trusted and credible resources in veterinary medicine.

ClientEd: Your Client Education Resource
Save time, improve compliance, and strengthen your team’s roles as animal health educators with ClientEd, the unique pet health education library. With 2,100+ expert-written animal health handouts, ClientEd handouts include relevant images and medical illustrations to support your clinic’s recommendations and improve patient outcomes.

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