Social media is an essential part of running your veterinary practice, but it can be difficult to find the time to prioritize your Facebook presence.

Here are some quick tips that can help you master your social media this year!

1. Start a Conversation

Instead of focusing on your practice, take the time to engage with your followers and see what they need. Spark online conversations that will give you better insights to your audience and what information they want. Here are some good questions to ask on Facebook:

Caring for a puppy can be extremely challenging! What are the best tips and tricks you’ve come across to help reduce stress in the puppy stages?
A healthy dog needs healthy teeth! What questions do you have about canine dental care? It’s Senior Dog Sunday! Post your favorite of your adorable senior dogs.


2. Use News Articles to Fill the Gap

Posting frequently is essential to running a successful Facebook page, but there are shortcuts you can take to save yourself time. Borrow content from national news channels to create new posts when you’re short on time. Keep an eye out for funny or inspirational pet stories, as it’s extremely easy to share the link on your own page. You can also look up funny animal jokes or memes to fill the gaps when you don’t have time to create your own content.


3. Run a Promotion for Your Patients

Your existing clients play a huge part in the success of your social media! Start a quarterly raffle for pet parents that check in at your office during their appointments. Their check-ins appear as a post on their timelines and will help you get more appointments via word of mouth and referrals. Even better, Facebook asks users to write a review after every check in, so you have the opportunity to simultaneously increase your Facebook reviews.


4. Make the Most of Videos

Facebook is promoting video more than ever, and it’s a great opportunity to stand out from your competition. Create short videos (fewer than 90 seconds) and share as both a post and a Facebook live video. Some fun video ideas are a short tour of your office, footage from local conferences and events, and funny moments with your staff or pets.


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It can be difficult to take the time to focus on your social media, but these quick tips can help you get started!

If you’d prefer to outsource your social media marketing, we are here to help. We create relevant and engaging pet care content and post it for you, so you can focus on supporting your patients. Request a consultation to learn more.