In case you missed it: On Feb. 23rd, 2021, Petriage—the complete veterinary telehealth solution—announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had issued the company an industry-first patent for its pet Symptom Checker.

“This patent—Petriage’s first—underscores how state-of-the-art technology is transforming vet clinics’ patient care, profitability, and productivity, while improving the quality of life for vets and their staffs,” says Petriage CEO Joseph Coury in a news release. “We’re pleased that one of our core technologies has received patent protection—an important step as we continue to enhance our platform with new features.”

What Is Pet Symptom Checker?


Available free to pet owners as a mobile app download at the AppStore or Google Play, the pet Symptom Checker is a vet-validated, AI-driven teletriage tool available 24/7 to pet owners to provide a timely recommendation and appropriate next steps if their pet becomes ill or has an accident.

“The pet Symptom Checker thinks like a veterinarian reviewing a sick pet’s complaints,” says Petriage co-founder and DVM Shlomo Freiman in a February 2021 interview with Today’s Veterinary Business. Petriage’s pet Symptom Checker can also be accessed by pet owners from a web browser.

How It Works


Pet Symptom Checker uses statistical algorithms and the information input by a pet owner to arrive at a triage recommendation, which ranges from “non-threatening” and “worrisome” to “seek medical advice,” “urgent,” and “emergency.” If a pet owner’s veterinary practice subscribes to Petriage, the practice is automatically alerted. From there:

  • The pet owner or practice can initiate a virtual telemedicine consultation where both parties can send text and share photos and videos.
  • The veterinarian can also initiate a video call for live, real-time consultations (or synchronous consultations).

Improved Efficiency and Time-Savings for Practices

Consultation can also be done asynchronously, meaning a practice does not have to dedicate immediate resources (DVMs), providing a flexible method of telehealth support that improves efficiency and saves time. Further improving practice efficiency (and profitability), the pet Symptom Checker has built-in Stripe integration, allowing clients to conveniently pay for consultation directly through Petriage and practices to get paid quickly.

Pet Owners Love Pet Symptom Checker

A few independent reviews from Google Play:

  • “We were traveling away from our vet when our dog had breathing issues. We used the app. It told us we had 24 hours to have him looked at. We drove into town and the vet said the app diagnosed perfectly. It saved our dog’s life!”—D. Froy
  • “Love it. Was very helpful in advising me to go to the vet instead of waiting the illness out.”—D. Hescht
  • “It’s such a helpful tool to help take care of our precious ones!”—B. Erickson

Pet Symptom Checker Accuracy Rate

Petriage’s pet Symptom Checker has a 97%-plus accuracy rate for the urgency for seeking care for a sick or injured pet, based on information about a pet’s symptoms input by a pet owner. “What’s more,” adds Dr. Freiman, “with the machine-learning component, Petriage continues to learn and will have richer and richer data to draw upon with each additional use of the app.”

Pet Symptom Checker Comes Standard with Petriage

Petriage stands apart from competing telehealth platforms as a unique, robust, and flexible telehealth solution that enables modern-day veterinary practices to seamlessly integrate virtual care while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

PIMS Integration = The Petriage Difference

Designed to optimize practice operations and efficiencies through the use of PIMS integration for automatic medical record keeping, virtual telemedicine consultations, and automated remote monitoring, Petriage empowers veterinarians to remotely care for patients while strengthening client relationships and compliance.

New Petriage Curbside

Petriage streamlines practice workflows and frees up phone lines while providing safe in-clinic appointments and contactless payment processing* with Petriage’s new curbside features:

  • Easy mobile check-in and two-way chat
  • Customizable practice intake form
  • Two-way chat or live video, allowing a client to be in the exam room virtually with their pet in real time
  • Convenient contactless payment processing* (optional)
  • Convenient prescription pick-ups
  • Available from any mobile device (Petriage app not required)

*Additional transaction fees apply.

Petriage Is Available in Two Levels


Prices start at just $49/month.

  • No setup fees
  • Unlimited staff users
  • Unlimited consultations
  • Be up and running in as little as one week.

Schedule time with one of our subject matter experts to help you determine which Petriage level is right for your practice.

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What’s Next for Petriage?


Petriage will evolve to serve the needs of practices and pet owners as technology evolves. Led by Chief Technology Officer Gary Watson, a leading pet industry tech strategist and software architect, Petriage is developing additional telehealth technology and services, including wearables and enhanced data analytics capabilities.