Pet owners now have more options to compare pet insurance quotes, plus a simple way to proactively manage the health of their pets. 

To empower pet owners to make optimal pet health care decisions, LifeLearn has added three new pet insurance providers—Embrace Pet Insurance, Figo, and Prudent Pet—to its pet insurance education resource The additions bring the number of pet insurance providers working with LifeLearn to ten to: 

  • Give pet owners more options to compare quotes 
  • Find a policy that meets their needs and budget to make health care decisions based on what’s best for their pets versus being constrained by finances 
  • Ultimately enable practices to perform better veterinary medicine 

Pet owners can also now buy Orivet health screening kits from, designed to help pet owners proactively manage the health of their pets with breed-specific genetic testing. pet insurance information website is a free service that helps pet owners quickly and easily learn about what pet insurance is, what it isn’t, and the questions they need to ask prior to purchasing a policy. 

Reflecting LifeLearn’s core commitment to help advance pet health and education worldwide, is accessible to pet owners directly from the web. A portal to can also be integrated into WebDVM practice websites at no cost. 

As a free value-added addition to WebDVMthe portal encourages pet owners to visit your practice website more often, which has the added benefit of helping increase appointments by keeping your practice foremost in the minds of pet owners. 

Discover how easy it is to integrate the free portal into your WebDVM website. 

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