Veterinary Burnout Prevention Kit

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Alexander Den Heijer once said, “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower,” and the same is true for veterinary teams in managing burnout.

Where emotional exhaustion, disengagement, and other symptoms of burnout have increased for veterinary team members, the root lies in environmental issues. Like plants without water or sun, veterinary workers (and thereby practices as a whole) cannot thrive or indeed survive without the necessary resources and support to do their jobs.

To help promote a sustainable work environment for your practice and prevent veterinary burnout, download our free Veterinary Burnout Prevention Kit with tools and resources designed to cultivate workplace happiness, promote wellness, and help your team members thrive.

Our free burnout kit includes:


  • A burnout awareness infographic to print and post inside your practice or share electronically to help your staff understand what burnout is, some common sources and risk factors, and some simple things to do to help ameliorate burnout and restore well-being.
  • A burnout self-assessment tool to help veterinary team members determine whether they may be at risk of burnout.
  • A list of help resources for U.S., Canadian, and international veterinary professionals and students to help manage burnout and support well-being.