Staffing & Retention Kit

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Retaining staff and attracting new talent has never been a bigger challenge for veterinary practices. 

Download our free Veterinary Staffing & Employee Retention Kit, with tools and resources to address four big issues currently impacting staffing and retention. 

Your free kit includes: 

Three articles (and free tools and resources) to help practices retain staff and attract new talent: 

  • How to Turn Around a Common Perception That Affects Staffing and Retention: Many veterinary workers and would-be employees today believe practices don’t care about or are ill-equipped to manage staff burnout. This article explains why and how to turn it around with free, downloadable tools to help retain existing employees and attract new talent. 
  • How (and Why) to Educate Clients on the Value of Pet Insurance to Help Improve Staff Retention, complete with free tools and resources to save your team time educating pet owners and answering their questions about pet insurance without anyone on your team having to be a pet insurance expert. 
  • How to Use Client Education Marketing to Get Ahead of Pet Owner Questions. Seemingly never-ending appointments and pet-owner calls often cause staff to leave. This article explains how to reduce staff stress by reducing phone calls and walk-in inquiries that may not necessitate an immediate appointment or consultation or are not of an emergency medical nature.
  • An infographic to help retain staff and attract new talent5 Simple Ways to Say Thanks to Your Superhero Veterinary Team