April 25, 2018
Social Media Guide Step 3: SEO

Social Media Guide Step 3: The why and how of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Welcome to article #3 in our 4-part series on social media marketing. Now that you have a start on drafting... View Article

September 25, 2017
SEO 101

SEO 101: On the Search for Traffic

We’ve been making the most of the back-to-school season by going over the key parts of online veterinary marketing. Now,... View Article

September 30, 2020

WebDVM—Now 80% Off Setup (Not a typo.)

  COVID-19 financially hit veterinary practices hard. According to an April 2020 survey of 2,017 practices by the AVMA, “nearly... View Article

June 24, 2020

3 Keys for Practice Websites in Pandemic Times

  Even if we didn’t offer custom designed WebDVM websites to market practices more effectively, the following would still be... View Article

May 20, 2020

How (and Why) to Create a Solid Social Media Strategy in 2020 – Part 3

  In Part 1 of this blog series, we looked at why having a solid social presence will be a... View Article

May 6, 2020

How (and Why) to Create a Solid Social Media Strategy in 2020

  This blog series has been updated from a previous series to reflect current and key marketing considerations for the... View Article

October 23, 2019

Before You Use An Online SEO Checker, Read This First

SEO (search engine optimization) is key to boosting your practice website’s ranking in search engines to attract more pet owners, increase appointments,... View Article

August 21, 2019

3 Things You Need to Know to Help Increase Your Google Ranking

  Website ranking on Google and other search engines directly correlates to growth and profitability for any business. As an example, research... View Article

April 30, 2019

LifeLearn Unveils Six New Solutions to Help Pet Businesses Thrive

  GUELPH, ON—April 23, 2019— To help pet service businesses thrive in a booming pet service market, LifeLearn Animal Health... View Article

March 27, 2019

How to Market Your Practice Better and Still Have a Clean Conscience

The Challenge: In order to attract new clients and stay competitive against competing practices, you know that you need some... View Article

March 14, 2019

LifeLearn Proudly Earns Google Partner Status

GUELPH, ON—March 15, 2019—LifeLearn Animal Health is thrilled to announce that it has achieved Google Partner status and earned its... View Article

February 14, 2019

Breaking Mews! Valentine’s Day for Pets Is Booming for Groomers!

  Enjoy the Love with These 3 Key Tips People may be spending less each year on Valentine’s Day gifts... View Article

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