What are NAVC Certifications?

NAVC Certifications is geared toward veterinary professionals and the veterinary community as a whole. There are currently three certification programs available.

Human-Animal Bond Certification

Scientific studies have confirmed that owning a pet doesn’t just make pet owners happy, it can also improve their mental and physical health. It’s the human-animal bond, and we believe that strengthening that bond is imperative to the future of veterinary care.

This exclusive certification program explains what the human-animal bond is, how it benefits human and animal health, and how you can support the bond in your practice. It’s exactly what many of today’s pet parents will be looking for when searching for their veterinary partner.

Pet Nutrition Coach Certification

The NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification program prepares veterinarians and animal hospital staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to communicate and provide expert guidance for clients about their pet’s nutritional needs. Pet nutrition and feeding management are vital aspects of preventive and therapeutic veterinary care – that’s why it’s important your veterinary healthcare team is the definitive source for pet nutritional information and advice.

Veterinary Business Leader Certification

The NAVC Certified Veterinary Business Leader program is a comprehensive examination of the business practices, leadership abilities, strategic thinking and technical skills required for running a successful veterinary practice. Specifically designed for veterinarians, technicians, practice managers and other veterinary team members, this one-of-a-kind program prepares you to lead, grow and develop a plan for the long-term success of your veterinary business.