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Whether you run a boarding kennel, dog daycare or pet grooming business, content is still king when it comes to growing any business by attracting and engaging more people on your website and social channels.

LifeLearn PetScribe custom pet health content delivers the kind of information for which pet owners now search, and to better ensure that pet owners find it on your pet business website, PetScribe content is optimized for search engines for improved online discovery.

Ready-to-use content

PetScribe delivers custom content that’s ready to use in your customer newsletters, blogs, emails, website and social channels to:

  • Increase your online presence and search engine ranking
  • Connect with and engage more pet owners
  • Optimize your time to focus on your pet business

Competing pet service businesses know that custom content helps improve online discovery

Odds are, competing pet service businesses are thinking about putting custom content to their advantage today based on trends and forecasts:

  • According to Altimeter57% of businesses reported that custom content was their top priority going forward.
  • According to Walker, the customer experience will overtake price within the next few years as the key reason why someone chooses any business.

Research shows the effectiveness of custom content

  • According to Hubspot, people spend 50% of their time online engaged with custom content.
  • According to the Content Marketing Institute, custom content attracts interest in products and services 300% better than advertising—and is 62% cheaper.
  • According to Hubspot, one new piece of custom content creates as much online discovery as six old pieces of content.

Time is always the challenge

Pet service businesses know the same thing as any business. While the benefits of custom content are self-evident, 64% of businesses (according to the Content Marketing Institute) say their biggest challenge is finding enough time to produce content.



Put custom content to work for your pet service

The secret to PetScribe is its wide scope of content to better serve the topics for which pet owners regularly search. In addition to easy-to-understand wellness information for pet owners, PetScribe delivers simple pet-care tips, veterinary recommendations and even a bit of entertainment to build connections with customers and repeat traffic to your website.

PetScribe content includes royalty-free images to further engage customers and encourage repeat website traffic. PetScribe content is available in packages of 6, 12, 18, and 24 new articles per year.

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