Free Parasite Prevention Download

For flea, tick, and heartworm

To help save your veterinary team time educating clients on the health and disease risks to pets from fleas, ticks, and heartworms, we’ve put together this special free Parasite Prevention Kit with tools and resources to easily educate your clients.

Your kit includes:

    • Two infographics with parasite prevention tips for clients.
    • Two educational handouts for clientsFlea and Tick Prevention, and Heartworm Disease in Dogs and Cats (both a synopsis of a ClientEd handout)—that you can print and hand to clients or send my email.
    • Social media images to educate your clients about the importance of parasite prevention and keep the message fresh.
    • A pre-written email template for your clientsCommon Pet Parasite Questions Answered—to educate pet owners about parasite prevention and further save time by helping to reduce phone calls and other clinic inquiries of a non-emergency nature.

Download your free Parasite Prevention Kit: