Stay Compliant with Buoy's Law Using ClientEd

While veterinarians certainly understand the protective nature of Buoy’s Law, the concern by veterinarians is that verbal explanations will add 2-12 minutes to each pet appointment. Added to this, veterinary teams will spend more time updating patient records if a consultation is provided or declined, and clinics must provide a paper copy of the consultation information if clients ask for it.

To solve the issue of meeting pet medication compliance law and saving time, more veterinarians are now turning to ClientEd, LifeLearn’s one-of-a-kind online client education library.

ClientEd is a unique pet health education library designed to strengthen the veterinary team’s role as effective animal health educators and encourage client compliance through easy-to-understand information. Written and reviewed by animal health and communication experts, ClientEd contains more than 2,100 handouts that cover a wide range of pet health topics and species.

To help practices in states like California and New York comply with consultation requirements as mandated by Lizzie’s Law and Buoy’s Law, ClientEd has over 290 medication handouts.

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