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For more than 20 years, LifeLearn has served the animal health industry.

Founded by veterinarians, we offer educational resources and online marketing tools for veterinary practices. Our mission is simple: to help veterinarians improve their business and the lives of their patients through knowledge and education.

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Want to connect with more pet owners online?

Whether it’s reaching new clients online or nurturing your existing relationships, you need an online presence that connects your practice with pet owners. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to communicate with and educate both current and future clients.

WebDVM websites are designed specifically for veterinary practices. Your website will work to help you:

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Make a great first
impression online

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Attract new pet owners to your
clinic and increase conversions

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Promote loyalty with
current clients

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Improve patient outcomes
through client education and increased compliance

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WebDVM websites are the only veterinary websites that feature:

  • An attractive website design customized to your practice branding and logo at an affordable price
  • A built-in reputation management tool to help you gather testimonials and automatically generate client feedback
  • A comprehensive library of 1800+ veterinarian-authored articles

WebDVM helps you connect with clients:

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On their smartphones and tablets,

Did you know? More searches are now conducted on mobile devices than on computers, and over 63% of local searches are conducted on multiple devices. WebDVM websites look good and are easy to use, no matter what device they’re accessed from.

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Through Google search,

Pet owners are searching for their veterinarians online, which makes ranking highly in search results important. That’s why our websites are designed and optimized to help your practice rise to the top of search engine results – and stay there!

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And as the source of information they’re looking for.

Every WebDVM website comes with ClientEd Online, a pet health library of veterinarian-authored articles. Clients can browse the entire library directly on your practice website, or check their pet’s symptoms using the Pet Health Checker tool. No more taking questionable advice from Dr. Google!

Implementation Timeline

What you can expect after purchasing a LifeLearn WebDVM website for your practice.


LifeLearn's 6-step implementation timeline from purchase to follow-up


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Learn more about LifeLearn WedDVM Websites or talk to a member of our team!
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