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Effective client education and communication are critical to improving compliance among pet owners.

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ClientEd Online handouts are:cliented image 3

Reader Friendly

  • Address common client questions, in a simple Q & A format.
  • Highlight key points that busy pet parents need to understand proper care.
  • Reinforce understanding with visuals like medical illustrations, photographs, cartoons, and line drawings.


  • Customizable —Brand handouts with your logo and contact information to reflect your practice’s philosophy, style, or culture.
  • Easy to personalize with specific instructions, notes, and comments for individual clients.
  • Ready for print or e-mail so you can reinforce client information with links back to your practice website.


  • Flexible—Refer clients to your website for specific articles or to view the full library.
  • Inclusive—Add your own articles to your practice’s online library.
  • Available in Spanish—Purchase the small animal series Spanish add-on module to better communicate with your Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Integrated within your practice management software system,* linking content directly to diagnostic and treatment codes for automatic printing and storage in your patients’ medical records.

*Practice management software integration is currently available with AVImark, DVM Manager, Infinity, and AlisVet systems.


  • Shareable—Assign administrator rights to staff to use and/or edit articles. Each user will have his or her own personal user name and password.
  • Measurable—Track changes to the articles, dates the changes were made, and who in your practice made them.
  • Manageable—Revert to the original handout at any time. And you can decide whether and when you want to accept updates to articles that you have already edited or customized. Articles will not be overwritten unless you want them to be.


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