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As an animal health practitioner, your job is all about improving health – both the health of your patients and your practice. We want to help, and that’s why we created Sofie.



LifeLearn Sofie is an online support tool that assists veterinarians in making quick, reference-based decisions, as well as in promoting client involvement in the health and treatment of their pet. With Sofie, hospital teams can focus on what they do best: providing clients with customized care and exemplary customer service.

Sofie is built on IBM Watson, the world’s leading cognitive computing system. Sofie understands and processes natural language, enabling advanced interactions that are aligned with how humans think and interact, and creating an essential companion for veterinary practices.

Sofie was developed and trained by veterinarians just like you – veterinarians who have struggled with similar time constraints and challenges, including:


Patients who cannot verbalize
their symptoms



A severe lack of time to
stay current with best practices
and an expanding 
of medical literature





Pet owners who fail to
understand or comply with

treatment recommendations




We get it, and that’s where Sofie comes in.







Your time is valuable, and there’s never enough of it. Whether you’re juggling multiple roles in the clinic, trying to stay current with today’s research, or treating an emergency care patient, you can always use more time. Sofie is designed to give you time back – while simultaneously helping you educate and engage your clients about their pet’s health.


Your time is valuable — whether it’s spent juggling multiple roles in the clinic, trying to stay current with today’s research, or treating an emergency care patient. Ask Sofie gives you time back.

Ask Sofie eliminates the need to dig through piles of textbooks for crucial information. This tool provides veterinarians with immediate access to massive amounts of information right at their fingertips. Searches return only referenced-based results, providing veterinarians with the information they need, so they can spend more time with their patients.

How it works: When you ask Sofie a question, the app scans the industry’s most credible veterinary texts, journals, proceedings, and other reference materials to produce specific, referenced-based results in a matter of seconds. Sofie is always on call and can be accessed on any device with WIFI, whether you’re in the clinic or in the field.


Sofie Pet Care Plan

When your clients know more, they can do more. Keep your clients educated with the Sofie Pet Care Plan.

The Sofie Pet Care Plan is designed to inform clients about their pet’s health and improve the client-veterinarian relationship. The plan opens the lines of communication and encourages pet owners to engage more fully in their pet’s healthcare. And because it’s available online, clients can access their pet’s information at any time, from anywhere.

The Sofie Pet Care Plan is not one-size-fits-all. Each plan is unique to the individual pet, and changes at the pet’s health does, keeping the client fully informed about their pet’s wellbeing over time.

How it works: As you assess a patient and update the Sofie Pet Care Plan, Sofie finds and displays relevant, important information about that pet’s health to the client, including data related to breed, age, potential risk factors, and upcoming recommended treatments.



Sofie is powered by IBM Watson. Here’s how Watson works:



IBM Watson is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporate, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.



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