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Meet Sofie

LifeLearn Sofie is an intelligent decision support tool that assists veterinarians – of all backgrounds and levels of experience – in making quick, evidence-based decisions.

Sofie is powered by IBM Watson, the world’s leading cognitive computing system. The application understands and processes natural language, enabling interactions that are more aligned with how humans think and interact.

Sofie was developed and trained by veterinarians just like you – veterinarians who have struggled with similar time constraints and challenges:

  • Patients cannot verbalize their symptoms.
  • Amidst daily practice duties, there’s a severe lack of time to stay current with best practices and an expanding volume of medical literature.
  • Treatment options must be customized around limited budgets.

We get it, and that’s why we’re introducing you to Sofie.

Ask Sofie Anything

Sofie communicates how you communicate – just like a colleague in the room. Rather than relying on keywords the way typical search engines do, Sofie uses the power of cognitive computing to understand context and the interplay between the nouns, verbs, people, and places you use in your queries.

Ask Sofie is the best place to start if you’re seeking a specific answer. Sofie can answer questions related to disease complications, pathogenesis, differential diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and more.

If you’re looking for general case management advice for a working diagnosis, Case Overview is your go-to tab. The Differentials, Diagnostics, Treatments, and Prognosis tabs help you to further filter the advice you’re seeking for a specific working diagnosis.

Sofie Learns How You Learn

When you ask Sofie a question, the app scours through the industry’s most credible veterinary texts, journals, proceedings, and other reference materials to produce specific, evidence-based recommendations in a matter of seconds.

Sofie’s resource library continues to grow and we expect to be referencing over 100,000 pages by the end of the year. As users ask more questions, Sofie’s training will also evolve and we will continue to integrate additional resources, ensuring the information you receive is current, relevant, and objective.




Sofie Is Powered by IBM Watson. Here’s How Watson Works:

IBM Watson is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporate, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.

When It Comes To Treating Your Patients, Every Second Counts

Your time is valuable — whether it’s spent juggling multiple roles in the clinic, trying to stay current with today’s research, or treating an emergency care patient. In just seconds, Sofie can review thousands of pages of medical literature to generate focused recommendations you can rely on.

Plus, Sofie is always on call. Whether you’re in the clinic or in the field, Sofie is right there with you – on any device with a WIFI connection.

The Future of The Future

Through machine learning, Sofie could evolve into the ultimate resource in veterinary medicine. Be part of the future of veterinary medicine with Sofie.