Marketing Your Organization

Think of corporate marketing as the bridge that publicly links your company to your customers. We know, it’s a pretty big bridge.

Now imagine that bridge is built on 4 pillars: your online presence, multimedia storytelling, tradeshows and events, and publications. LifeLearn’s programmers, designers, and biomedical communicators can help you execute your vision and build a solid foundation for your marketing plan through these key pillars.

Your Online Presence

Your company’s website is often the first place people look for you online, and it’s often the first impression prospective customers will have of your organization. Done well, your site can generate new leads. Done poorly, you may be turning away prospects without even knowing it.

We’ll work with you to develop an engaging custom website that will differentiate your brand and share your story. Our web experts will also optimize your site with a strong SEO strategy, so prospects will find you when they’re searching online. After all, being online and getting found online are two different things.

Social media is now a major contributor to a successful online presence. Whether it’s a targeted short-term campaign or your entire annual social strategy, we can help you develop and manage the whole process.


Multimedia Storytelling

Turning enthusiastic in-person stories into static materials is nearly impossible. Keep the excitement alive, and keep your audience wanting to learn more, with multimedia storytelling.

LifeLearn can help you tell stories that inspire your audience to take action. We simplify complex messages and deliver them through 2D and 3D animations, whiteboard animations, video, and apps for quicker and more effective comprehension. It’s about creating easy ways to tell great stories.


Tradeshows & Events

You may only get 1-2 chances per year to engage with your audience face to face. It’s an impact moment; do you have impact resources to tell your story? Do you have a high-impact tradeshow presence that creates a lasting impression?

Leverage our strong network of experts across the animal health industry to help support your events through KOL management, symposia development, and focus group facilitation.

Leverage our pre-event and on-site marketing expertise through interactive displays, print and digital signage, and interactive games in a way that gets attention and drives traffic at your next show.


Let us leverage over 20 years of experience in the veterinary publications industry to help you develop specialized content that can be multi-purposed and used online, in journal publications, and in email communications.

From technical monographs and roundtable proceedings to whitepapers, guides, and books, our team of biomedical communicators will work with you to develop quality content, which can be delivered in print or made digitally available.

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