Enhance understanding and communication with your clients by providing them with pet owner friendly information that reinforces your diagnosis.


ClientEd Online is a comprehensive online library of veterinarian-authored pet health articles. More than just an educational tool, ClientEd Online helps you facilitate discussions with pet owners about their pet’s health, and improves overall compliance with your recommendations.





What makes ClientEd Online unique?



  • Q&A format improves retention and overall understanding
  • Content is designed to be easily digestible for clients
  • Veterinarian-authored articles ensure complete accuracy and maintain a high standard of information 


  • Visual aids enhance comprehension and break up text
  • Videos that engage pet owners, encourage learning, and use visual teaching to facilitate understanding


  • Seamlessly integrates with your practice management software for ease of access and editing
  • Effortlessly brand articles with your practice name and logo
  • Customize any article to better match your practice philosophy
  • Attach private messages to articles for clients prior to printing or emailing


  • New articles are consistently added every week, and current articles are updated to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information

Why client education matters.

Increasing client compliance and improving patient outcomes starts with client education. When clients are educated about their pet’s health, they better understand and remember their pet’s condition and care, and ultimately, are more likely to comply with your recommendations.


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With the busy season fast approaching, we want to ensure that you’re armed and ready with great content to support your discussions with clients. Make sure your clients aren’t leaving with just the bill. Support your diagnosis and keep your recommendations top of mind with credible, pet owner-friendly content.


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